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Robert Mueller: Fake Messiah, Woke Barbies 4.5.18

In episode 120, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Jamie Loftus to discuss if the Mueller investigation is actually going anywhere, Scott Pruitt being a scammer through and through, Ryan Zinke's shady, racist behavior, up to 2 billion Facebook profiles compromised, the new 'woke' Barbie series, & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 4.5.18

Footnotes for episode 120 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 4.5.18.

Myths About MLK’s Life And The YouTube Shooting 4.4.18

In episode 119, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Brodie Reed to discuss the history of QAnon and the misinformation spread about the Youtube shooter with Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch, Mueller letting Trump's people know they can relax cause he is not a 'criminal target,' the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination, the new documentary about him 'King In The Wilderness,' & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 4.4.18

Footnotes for episode 119 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 4.4.18.

Bezos = Richer Than Trump = A Problem; Nazi Goes Undercover As Teacher 4.3.18

In episode 118, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Ever Mainard to discuss Stacey Dash dropping out of the congressional race, Trump's obsession with Jeff Bezos and the caravan coming from Mexico, Honduras refugees seeking asylum, Trump wanting to militarize the border, the issue with local news, the teacher with the racist podcast, & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 4.3.18

Footnotes for episode 118 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 4.3.18.

Is Roseanne #DEEPSTATE? Your Local News Is Compromised 4.2.18

In episode 117, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Josh Androsky to discuss what banks really do with your money, Sinclair Media's script for all local news stations, Andy Richter retweeting tweets about Hollywood satanic rituals, Roseanne Barr's problematic twitter feed & her asking QAnon to DM her, Trump's tweet storm over the weekend about DACA, the teachers strike in Oklahoma & Kentucky, & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 4.2.18

Footnotes for episode 117 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 4.2.18.

Weekly Zeitgeist 17 (Best of 3/26/18-3/30/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 24 (3/26/18-3/30/18.)

White House Has A Vape Room? Philly DA: FREE MEEK 3.30.18

In episode 116, Jack & Miles are joined comedian Katia Kvinge to discuss Drudge Report headlines, Atlanta's ransomware situation, the White House personnel office being a complete mess, progressive Philly district attorney Larry Krasner really cleaning stuff up with his criminal justice reform, GOP adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, Trump rolling back Obama-era fuel emission standards, an out of control space station that is plummeting to earth this weekend & can land anywhere, bloidwatch, & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 3.30.18

Footnotes for episode 116 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 3.30.18.

Finally, A Show For White People; School Shooter Is BAE 3.29.18

In episode 115, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Riley Silverman to discuss the huge Roseanne premiere & the politics that come with it, conservatives like Laura Ingraham attacking students from Parkland, Florida for getting back grades and being rejected from college, school shooter Nikolas Cruz getting fan mail, new stories from around the world thanks to a Reddit thread, & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 3.29.18

Footnotes for episode 115 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 3.29.18.

Why Trump Hates Amazon, Sex Crim: The Game 3.28.18

In episode 114, Jack & Miles are joined by legendary podcast guest Jamie Loftus to discuss a child decapitated at a water park in Kansas City, Trump hating on Amazon but not Facebook, whether or not the Stormy Daniels story will hurt Trump's presidency, plus a look at a FiveThirtyEight five question scandal test, Kim Jong Un's meeting with China's president, a new pick-up artist video game, & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 3.28.18

Footnotes for episode 114 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 3.28.18.

Who Bit Beyonce? Bad Guy With A Gun Stops Self 3.27.18

In episode 113, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Casey Ley to discuss who bit Beyonce at her birthday party & what Tiffany Haddish witnessed, Russian diplomats being kicked out of the USA & their embassies trolling everyone on twitter, Justice John Paul Steven's asking to repeal the 2nd amendment, the Netflix doc Wild, Wild Country, & more! 

TDZ Footnotes 3.27.18

Footnotes for episode 113 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 3.27.18.

Fox News Gunsplains, Fortnite Rises 3.26.18

In episode 112, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Ify Nwadiwe to discuss Stormy Daniels' 60 Minutes interview, the March For Our Lives, Fox & Friends not knowing how to deal, gun videos on Porn Hub, a round up of quick news stories, & more.

TDZ Footnotes 3.26.18

Footnotes for episode 112 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 3.26.18.

Weekly Zeitgeist 16 (Best of 3/19/18-3/23/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 23 (3/19/18-3/23/18.)