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More Sex Crims And Who REALLY Voted For Trump? 11.29.17

In episode 37, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Ify Nwadiwe to discuss North Korea, #MENGHAZI crims aka Matt Lauer, Garrison Keiller, Matthew Weiner, plus Trump's tweet storm, new Avengers trailer, Flaming Hot Cheetos Mac & Cheese bites, & more.

TDZ Footnotes 11.29.17

Footnotes for episode 37 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.29.17.

Denzel’s Weird Boozing Habits, The Right’s Dumb Upton Sinclair 11.28.17

In episode 36 Jack & Miles are joined again by comedian Edgar Momplaisir to discuss the new Grammy's nominations, Denzel Washington's code of ethics, James O'Keefe, Trump's Pocahontas comments, the new Disney film Coco & Frozen's Olaf short, & more.

TDZ Footnotes 11.28.17

Footnotes for episode 36 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.28.17.

Nazis: Not Just Like Us, America Infiltrates The Royal Family 11.27.17

In episode 35, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Katia Kvinge to discuss the Koch brothers purchasing Time INC, a new study about underreported police shootings, a NY times profile on a white nationalist, Robert Mueller, the Royal family, & more.

TDZ Footnotes 11.27.17

Footnotes for episode 35 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.27.17.

YouTube Videos We're Thankful For, Thanksgiving Myths Part 2 11.22.17

In episode 34, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Jamie Loftus to discuss Nick Carter, Trump's defense of Roy Moore, the myth of the first Thanksgiving, Trump's Turkey pardon, & YouTube videos the team is thankful for, & more.

TDZ Footnotes 11.22.17

Footnotes for episode 34 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.22.17.

How Roy Moore Met His Wife (Is Creepy), Myths About Thanksgiving 11.21.17

In episode 33, Jack & Miles are joined by SNL writer Streeter Seidell to discuss the FCC & net neutrality, Charlie Rose's firing & how The Royal Tenenbaum's called it, how Roy Moore met his wife, a look at Andy's Rooney's Thanksgiving, & more.

TDZ Footnotes 11.21.17

Footnotes for episode 33 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.21.17.

The Billionaire Conspiracy Behind Your News, Al Franken Officially A Creep 11.20.17

In episode 32, Jack & Miles are joined by writer Liana Maeby to discuss #MENGHAZI - Al Franken, Jeffrey Tambor, Lena Dunham's EP Murray Miller, then a dive in to Charles Manson, Koch brothers history, & Katy Perry being banned from China, & more.

TDZ Footnotes 11.20.17

Footnotes for episode 32 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.20.17.

The Weekly Zeitgeist 1 (Best of 11/13/17-11/17/17)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 6 (11/13/17-11/17/17.)

Justice League Conspiracy, And The Bible Says Putin Is The Next Oprah 11.17.17

In episode 31, Jamie Loftus joins Jack & Miles to discuss the new Justice League movie, Trump's tweets about Al Franken, an update on Roy Moore, Meek Mill, & the Toy Freaks YouTube Channel, plus producer Anna Hossnieh is back for 'bloid watch!

TDZ Footnotes 11.17.17

Footnotes for episode 31 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.17.17.

Drake = Batman,  1 Dark YouTube Channel 40X Bigger Than GoT 11.16.15

In episode 30, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Laci Mosley to discuss Twitter taking away verified checks from alt-right, Drake shaming a groper, Al Franken, a dive in to a creepy baby fetish YouTube channel, the new iPhone iOS update & more.

TDZ Footnotes 11.16.17

Footnotes for episode 30 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.16.17.

Roy Moore or R. Kelly? Plus Blake Shelton’s Comedy Jokes 11.15.17

In episode 29, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Sara June to discuss Blake Shelton's problematic twitter, Trump's visit with Philippine president Duterte, plus a game to differentiate Roy Moore's behavior from that of R. Kelly's, & more!

TDZ Footnotes 11.15.17

Footnotes for episode 29 of The Daily Zeitgeist which aired on 11.15.17.

Baby Boomers Are All Sociopaths, Who Asked for More LotR? 11.14.17

In episode 28, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Caitlin Gill to discuss Donald Trump Jr's DM's with Wiki Leaks, Bob Goodlatte & Jeff Sessions, the baby boomer generation, Amazon's plot to make a LOTR TV show, Meek Mill's legal troubles, & more.