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Alex Jones vs Rubio, Kanye vs Drake: FIGHT! 9.6.18

In episode 226, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Bechdel Cast co-host Caitlin Durante to discuss Kanye's apology to Drake, updates from Brett Kavanaugh's senate confirmation hearing, the Marco Rubio and Alex Jones spat, how the Republican Party is shrinking, some more take aways from Bob Woodward's book 'Fear,' incumbent Mike Capuano being beat by a progressive, the new Nike commercial with Colin Kaepernick, racist robocalls hitting Florida, how super-environmentalists don't vote, John Kyl replacing John McCain, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Kanye apologizes to Drake, bringing peace to the earth2. Brett Kavanaugh remains vague on Roe v. Wade, says loyalty is to Constitution -- live updates3. Marco Rubio Clashes With Alex Jones In Capitol: 'I'll Take Care Of You Myself'4. Kasich: ‘Our party is shrinking’5. A lot of Americans spent 2017 bailing on the Republican Party6. Data: Republican Party ID drops after Trump election7. Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency8. 5 Takeaways From Bob Woodward’s Book on the Trump White House9. Ayanna Pressley Upsets Capuano in Massachusetts House Race10. Progressives Keep Making Pollsters Look Extremely Dumb11. WATCH: Nike - Dream Crazy12. Inside Twitter’s Long, Slow Struggle to Police Bad Actors13. Racist Robocalls Target Andrew Gillum, Democratic Nominee for Florida Governor14. White nationalist in Idaho using Iowa phone number to spread racist message about Mollie Tibbetts' death15. A ‘jaw-dropping’ 15 million super-environmentalists don’t vote in the midterms16. Arizona governor appoints ex-senator Jon Kyl to fill McCain’s seat17. Chicago Podcast Festival18. WATCH: E-40 - Carlos Rossi

Nike’s Profitable Wokeness, Justice KavanaUGHhhhhh 9.5.18

In episode 225, Jack and Miles are joined by Go Fact Yourself's J. Keith van Straaten to discuss Colin Kaepernick's Nike sponsorship, polls showing that Democrats are gaining advantage in midterms, the Kavanaugh hearing, Bob Woodward's new book 'Fear,' Crazy Rich Asians breaking records, the devastating museum fire in Brazil, the New Yorker Festival controversy, Damien Chazelle's new film 'First Man,' and more! FOOTNOTES:1. @TuckerCarlson: Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem is a way of making a generalized attack against the country that makes him and Nike rich2. Outrage grows after #Nikepicks Colin Kaepernick as the new face of its #JustDoItcampaign – your thoughts?3. The Senate races where Trump approval is losing ground4. Poll: Democrats regain clear advantage in midterms shaping up as referendum on President Trump5. The Kavanaugh hearing6. Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency7. Trump called Attorney Jeff Sessions a 'traitor,' and said 'Everybody's trying to get me,' according to an explosive new Bob Woodward book8. 'Crazy Rich Asians' Becomes Most Successful Studio Rom-Com in 9 Years at the U.S. Box Office9. What Was Lost in Brazil’s Devastating Museum Fire10. The Steve Bannon-New Yorker controversy, explained11. 'First Man': Neil Armstrong film fails to fly flag for US patriotism12. Marco Rubio and the Right’s Bogus Attacks on Ryan Gosling’s Neil Armstrong Movie ‘First Man’13. Damien Chazelle defends 'First Man' amid flag controversy14. WATCH: Robert Glasper Experiment - No One Like You (KAYTRANADA Remix/Audio) ft. Alex Isley

Turns Out This Trump Guy’s A Real A***ole, Japan Goes Clear 9.4.18

In episode 224, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Madison Shepard to discuss Brett Kavanaugh's upcoming Supreme Court confirmation hearings, a 1950's murder case that could influence the Mueller case, Eminem's new album, the funeral of queen Aretha Franklin, California's latest legislative wins, Japan's pushing for clear beverages, In n Out supporting the GOP, and more!FOOTNOTES: 1. The Jesus de Galindez Case2. What to expect from Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings next week3. Author Sues CIA for Info on Trujillo Victim4. CIA Archive5. Eminem’s surprise album Kamikaze is his best in years6. When We Almost Stopped Climate Change7. Aretha's Funeral8. Asian-American Students Suing Harvard Over Affirmative Action Win Justice Dept. Support9. Trump personally lobbying GOP senators to flip on Sessions10. Bombshell leak to Toronto Star upends NAFTA talks: In secret ‘so insulting’ remarks, Trump says he isn’t compromising at all with Canada11. California Just Became The First US State To Condemn Surgeries On Intersex Children12. California Is About to Abolish Cash Bail. Criminal Justice Advocates Aren’t Happy13. California passes trio of gun control bills, including lifetime ban on domestic violence convicts14. Crooked Media on Gillum15. Clear Beer? Don’t Judge a Drink by Its Color16. The future is clear: Companies testing transparent beer, coffee in Japan17. Democratic leader's call for In-N-Out Burger boycott meets its own resistance18. Brad Pitt's 'Make it Right' foundation faces lawsuit over degradation of New Orleans homes19. Rot wrecks Brad Pitt's hurricane homes: Actor's charity sues timber firm over claims wood used to rebuild houses in New Orleans was defective20. Hiatus Kaiyote - 13 By Fire

Indica vs Sativa, Best Fast Food Fries 9.3.18

Happy Labor Day! On this bonus episode, Jack and Miles answer fan questions from the Daily Zeitgeist Reddit.FOOTNOTES: 1. Urinal Hand Washing Fail 

Weekly Zeitgeist 39 (Best of 8/27/18-8/31/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 46 (8/27/18-8/31/18.)

“SERENA” Is “QUEEN," Don McGone 8.31.18

In episode 224, Jack and Miles are joined by writer Amy Lam to discuss Serena Williams and her amazing outfits, attack ads against Beto O'Rourke by Ted Cruz, money laundering and Chris Christie, Trump blaming NBC for fudging  a taped interview, the top student loan official resigning, the dine-and-dasher finally being arrested, the reward for naming your child after the KFC Colonel, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. The Furor Over Serena William’s Catsuit Continues Tennis’ Policing of Black Women’s Bodies2. Texas GOP shares arrest mug shot to attack Beto O'Rourke for skipping debate with Cruz3. A Malaysian fugitive might have paid Chris Christie and a Trump lawyer with laundered funds4. The strange tale of Chris Christie, money laundering, a Jersey rapper and Donald Trump5. President Trump, without evidence, says NBC's Lester Holt 'caught fudging' taped interview6. APNewsBreak: Nation’s top student loan official resigns7. A serial ‘dine-and-dasher’ loved lavish meals and leaving women to pay for them, police say. He faces 10 felony charges.8. Name Your Baby Harland9. WATCH: Ghostface Killah feat. Jadakiss - Run

Maria > Katrina, Pumpkin Spice Latte SZN 8.30.18

In episode 223, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Derrick Lemos to discuss Pumpkin Spice Latte season, Magic For Humans on Netflix, a student being charged with battery for stealing a MAGA hat, Kremlin's continued work in DC, Trump's words for evangelicals, Florida mayor surfing in on the populist wave, Hurricane Maria causing as many deaths as 9/11, Kanye West's defense of his comments this year, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Pumpkin spice lattes — and the backlash, and the backlash to the backlash — explained2. WATCH: Magic For Humans | Justin Willman Makes This Guy Think He's Invisible | Netflix3. Jo-Ann Butler: Student Steals MAGA Hat & Is Suspended4. Devin Nunes’s Curious Trip to London5. Rep. Jim Jordan on questions he has for Bruce Ohr6. Trump Urges Evangelicals to Prep for Violence After They Lose Election7. Who is Andrew Gillum? Meet Florida’s history-making Democratic nominee for governor.8. An ode to one of the worst GOP candidates in recent memory9. It’s Official: Hurricane Maria Led to as Many Deaths as 9/1110. Kanye West Apologizes for Slavery Comment, Reiterates Trump Support11. Kanye West Argues Wearing Small Sandals Is the "Japanese Way"12. WATCH: Death From Above - Holy Books (Official Audio)

Sex Crim Out On Good Behavior, Trump Learned What Google Is 8.29.18

In episode 222, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Bechdel Cast co-host Caitlin Durante to discuss the rise of consumer confidence, the popularity of unboxing videos, Louis C.K's return to the stage, Google searches about Trump, Lindsay Graham's current opinion on Jeff Sessions, the new 7-Eleven delivery app, how America uses it's land, how alcohol isn't healthy at all, and more!FOOTNOTES:1. US consumer confidence rises to 18-year high2. How Unboxing Videos Soothe Our Consumerist Brains3. Louis C.K. Performs Stand-Up Set at Club Since Admitting to #MeToo Cases4. Here are 51 comedians who never forced women to watch them masturbate5. 96 Percent of Google Search Results for 'Trump' News Are from Liberal Media Outlets6. @LindseyGrahamSC explains why his opinion of AG Jeff Sessions has changed7. 7-Eleven Now App8. Here's How America Uses Its Land9. No healthy level of alcohol consumption, says major study10. WATCH: Ross From Friends - John Cage

John McCain’s Posthumous Trolling, GOP Spreadsheet Of Fear 8.28.18

In episode 221 Jack and Miles are joined by actor Behzad Dabu to discuss John McCain's passing, changing the name of the Richard Russell senate building, GOP's fear of the blue wave, Roger Stone possibly being indicted, the Jacksonville, Florida video game tournament shooting, fantasy football season, True Detective season three, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. John McCain: Trump not attending late senator's funeral2. John McCain's final message for the President3. Ward Saturday On McCain Ending Treatment: ‘They Wanted To Have A Particular Narrative’4. Senate office is named after a virulent racist. Schumer wants to change it in honor of McCain.5. 1 big thing ... Scoop: Republicans secretly study their coming hell6. Stone Defense Fund7. Lethality of Suicide Methods8. Jacksonville shooting suspect underwent psychiatric treatment, purchased guns legally in Baltimore area9. Your first look at the long-awaited new season of 'True Detective'10. WATCH: Stimulator Jones - Soon Never Comes (Official Video)

Melania Next To Flip? Still Hungover From 2008 8.27.18

In episode 220, Jack and special guest host Laci Mosley are joined by super producer Anna Hossnieh to discuss how Crazy Rich Asians is a culture phenomenon, the possible biggest flip in the Trump Organization, how Republicans actually want to impeach Trump more than the Democrats, how stock market buybacks are going down currently, bloidwatch, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. How ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Hooked A $35M+ #GoldOpen At The Box Office – Update2. Amazon Best Sellers3. Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg, who allegedly helped arrange hush-money reimbursement to Cohen, receives immunity4. This may be the biggest flip yet in the Trump-Cohen saga5. Top Trump Organization official Weisselberg was granted immunity in Cohen investigation6. Republicans Are Talking About Impeachment Way More Than Democrats7. Bookmakers: Trump impeachment odds are way up after Cohen trial 8. Trump says impeachment would crash the market. Really?9. Your Questions About Impeachment, Answered10. Mike Pence, Holy Terror11. In 2008, America Stopped Believing in the American Dream12. Why Stock Market Buybacks Should Make Investors Nervous13. WATCH: Bobby Hebb - Sunny

Weekly Zeitgeist 38 (Best of 8/20/18-8/24/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 45 (8/20/18-8/24/18.)

Team Trump Is A Mess, Affleck Bender Over 8.24.18

In episode 219, Jack and guest host super producer Anna Hossnieh are joined by comedian Riley Silverman to discuss Trump's Fox & Friends interview, Jeff Sessions clapping back at Trump, David Pecker flipping on Trump, Lanny Davis asking the American people to fund the truth out of Michael Cohen, how Fox News struggling to understand why we need to raise the minimum wage, the most sexist states in America, Saudi Arabia not standing up to their new 'progressive' ways, a feminism camp for men, a google trend skim, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. EXCLUSIVE: President @realDonaldTrump on if he knew about the Cohen payments. See more from his interview with @ainsleyearhardt tomorrow 6-9amET.2. ‘Fox & Friends’ nails Trump interview — by shutting up3. The 36 most outrageous lines in Donald Trump's Fox News interview4. Sessions hits back at Trump: DOJ won't be 'improperly influenced'5. Jeff Sessions fires back at Trump: DOJ won't 'be improperly influenced' by politics6. David Pecker, CEO of National Enquirer Publisher, Granted Immunity in Michael Cohen Case7. Lanny Davis: No dispute that Trump committed a crime8. Michael Cohen Truth Fund9. Rational Security Podcast10. Fox News host: People who earn the minimum wage "don't plan on raising a family" so we should keep it low11. The most sexist places in America12. My Woke Hot American Summer: 72 Hours at Male Feminism Camp13. Saudi Arabia, which has been calling out Canada over women's rights, may soon behead a female activist for the first time14. Why Jennifer Garner Took Ben Affleck to Rehab: 'It Was a Crisis Situation'15. The Big Bang Theory ending because Jim Parsons was ready to leave16. What we learned from Ohio State's investigation into Urban Meyer, Zach Smith17. Watch this amazing performance by The Korean Taekwondo Team! 18. WATCH: SSION - "Earthquake" (Official Video)

Manafort / Cohen News Breaks Fox News, Papa John: The Truth 8.23.18

In episode 218, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Guy Branum to discuss Olive Garden's new pasta pass, Papa John's personal website, the fall out of the Cohen plea and the Manafort trial plus the responses from Trump and Fox News, Duncan Hunter's indictment that went unnoticed, a New York woman who tricked a bunch of men on Tinder, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Gorge on fettuccini until you beg for sweet death with Olive Garden's year-long, unlimited Pasta Pass2. Save Papa Johns3. With Cohen Implicating Trump, a Presidency’s Fate Rests With Congress4. Man Charged After Leading Investigators To Body Believed To Be Missing Iowa Woman5. Turley on Cohen Plea Deal: Trump Could Be 'Unindicted Co-Conspirator' on Campaign Finance Violation6. Lanny Davis: Trump "Corrupted Our Democracy," He "Directed" Michael Cohen To Do A "Criminal Act"7. Who Is the Mysterious “Individual-1” Implicated by Michael Cohen?8. Trump likely safe after Cohen guilty plea, but Mueller report will be fodder for foes9. Trump Praises Manafort for Refusing to ‘Break,’ Unlike Cohen, His Former Fixer10. Tucker Carlson guest Alan Dershowitz compares Micheal Cohen's campaign finance violation to jaywalking11. Trump’s comparison of the Cohen allegations to Obama is entirely wrong12. The difference between Michael Cohen and Barack Obama, explained for Donald Trump13. The 30 most astounding moments in Rep. Duncan Hunter's 47-page indictment14. Eagles’ ‘Greatest Hits’ Overtakes Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ as Best-Selling Album15. A New York woman scammed dozens of men into doing a 'live Tinder'16. My Life as a Goddess: A Memoir through (Un)Popular Culture By Guy Branum17. WATCH: Bobby Oroza - This Love Pt. 1

Ayo For Diet Yayo, New Slaves 8.22.18

In episode 217, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Jackie Rae Aubel to discuss Michael Cohen taking a plea deal, highlights from the MTV Video Music Awards, Trump's addiction to Diet Coke, QAnon supporters wanting to sue the mainstream media, ICE's true plan to strip immigrants of their citizenship, prisoners on strike for unpaid labor and poor prison conditions, Microsoft accusing Russians of attempting to hack right-wing think tanks, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Trump’s Former Fixer, Michael Cohen, Reaches a Plea Agreement Over Payments to Women2. Body found in search for missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts, authorities say3. MTV VMAs 2018: The 15 Best and Worst Moments4. MTV VMAs: Madonna responds to 'self-indulgent' Aretha tribute5. VMAs: Kevin Hart faces boycott threats from Trump supporters after 'kneeling' jab6. The President Suffers From a Diet Coke Addiction, Owns 2 Guns and More Wackiness From Omarosa’s Book7. INSIDE TRUMP’S HOUR-BY-HOUR BATTLE FOR SELF-PRESERVATION8. Donald Trump Shouting ‘Get Me A Coke’ On Cohen Tape Sets Twitter Alight9. A Brief History of Donald Trump's Love Affair With Coca-Cola10. Diet Sodas Tied to Dementia and Stroke11. Reported link between diet drinks and dementia and stroke is weak12. President Trump Reportedly Drinks 12 Diet Cokes a Day. Here’s What That Does to Your Body13. QAnon Geniuses Ready To Sue 'The MSM' For Making Them Look Stupid :(14. Denaturalization, explained: how Trump can strip immigrants of their citizenship15. A Nazi War Crimes Suspect Has Been Deported From the U.S. to Germany16. Prisoners Launch National 19-Day Strike to Protest Unpaid Labor and Poor Prison Conditions17. Microsoft thwarts Russian attempts to hack right-wing US think-tanks18. WATCH: Onra - Secretly [Nobody Has To Know]

Big Wine Has Tricked You, Netflix Pisses Off The Internet 8.21.18

In episode 216, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Vanessa Gritton to discuss the Rosé conspiracy, Netflix starting to experiment with ads for their other shows, Men Right's Activist joy over the Asia Argento report, Michael Shannon's reaction to questions about Trump, Brett Kavanaugh's shady past, porn star's playing Fortnite, GOP senate candidate Kelli Ward touring with alt-righter Mike Cernovich, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Smash Mouth Cusses Out Fans Throwing Bread2. Smash mouth singer goes insane at Taste of Foco3. Bribes, Backdoor Deals, and Pay to Play: How Bad Rosé Took Over4. Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series5. Netflix Is Betting Its Future on Exclusive Programming6. Netflix is testing ads for Netflix original content on Netflix7. Netflix Is Running Ads That It Insists Aren’t Ads8. Relax, binge watchers. Netflix is not adding commercials9. 20 NETFLIX HACKS YOU AREN'T USING (BUT SHOULD BE)10. That bucket of KFC in 'Stranger Things' is not a coincidence: Why product placement is back in vogue11. A company owned by Bill Gates is placing companies' products in Netflix and Amazon shows12. The #MeToo Movement Is About More Than One Person: Asia Argento Settled With Sexual Assault Accuser13. Michael Shannon will never, ever play Donald Trump14. A Judge, a Renomination and the Cross-Burning Case That Won't End15. BUSH SEATS JUDGE AFTER LONG FIGHT, BYPASSING SENATE16. Porn Stars Turn To ‘Fortnite’ And Other Big Games As Brand Builders17. Kelli Ward to tour with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich. No, really18. MUST WATCH: When @kasie asks GOP Sen candidate Kelli Ward about having an alt-right figure on his state-wide bus tour19. WATCH: Marlowe - Lost Arts

Truth Ain’t Truth, America Is An Abandoned Amusement Park 8.20.18

In episode 215, Jack and Miles are joined by frequent podcast guest and comedian Jamie Loftus (Happy Birthday!) to discuss the top book charts, the box office charts from the weekend, top music charts, the recent google trends, Rudy Giuliani's appearance on Meet The Press, our generations 'quicksand' metaphor, and more! Plus a call with Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch. FOOTNOTES: 1. Fact-checking Fox News analyst’s pro-Trump book ‘The Russia Hoax’2. Box Office: Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Mile 22’ Picks Up $1 Million on Thursday Night3. Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine, and the Alarming Normalization of Predatory Behavior4. Streisand effect5. WATCH: Rudy Giuliani tells @chucktodd that he doesn’t want President Trump to be caught in a perjury trap by speaking with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. #MTP #IfItsSunday6. White House Counsel, Don McGahn, Has Cooperated Extensively in Mueller Inquiry7. Terra Infirma: The rise and fall of quicksand.8. WATCH: Kali Uches - Coming Home (Interlude)

Weekly Zeitgeist 37 (Best of 8/13/18-8/17/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 44 (8/13/18-8/17/18.)

Asians Vs. Mark Wahlberg Part 2, Elon Musk Tweeting On Acid 8.17.18

In episode 214, Jack and Miles are joined by actor and writer Kirby Howell-Baptiste to discuss Elon Musk's absurd behavior, Trump revoking security clearances of certain officials, the cancelation of the military parade, Trump's fight with Vietnam veterans over 'agent orange,' more tapes from Omarosa, the ring of predatory priests in Pennsylvania in the seventies, Mark Walhberg's new film 'Mile 22,' Crazy Rich Asians reactions, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Blue Zones – Places In the World Where People Live to 100 and Stay Healthy2. WATCH: The Carolina Brogue: Outer Banks Vocabulary3. Elon Musk Details ‘Excruciating’ Personal Toll of Tesla Turmoil4. The billionaire house hostage saga of Azealia Banks, Elon Musk, and Grimes, explained5. Trump gears up to strip more clearances from officials tied to Russia investigation6. Trump blames D.C. officials for postponement of his military parade; Bowser responds his plan was ‘sad’7. Trump and Omarosa Had a ‘F*cking Weird’ Fight With Vietnam Vets8. WATCH: Ride of The Valkyries - Apocalypse Now (1979)9. The Last Battle of the Vietnam War: Agent Orange and Its ‘Presumed Diseases’10. Omarosa releases secret tape of Lara Trump offering her $15K-a-month campaign job11. Grand jury report describes a 'ring of predatory priests' in Pittsburgh in the 1970s12. ‘Mile 22’ Review: Mark Wahlberg Action Thriller Feels Like ‘InfoWars: The Movie’13. Peter Berg asked Mark Wahlberg to tap into 'Bannon intensity' for 'Mile 22'14. WATCH: Tidiani Kone et le T. P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - Djanfa Magni

Awww Late Stage Capitalism, Long Live The Queen 8.16.18

In episode 213, Jack and Miles are joined by writer Amy Lam to discuss the legend Aretha Franklin, the new film Crazy Rich Asians, Jason Kessler being humiliated by his father, Alex Jones and InfoWars holding strong, how #MeToo comebacks may be here soon, heartwarming stories that are a disguise for late-stage capitalism, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Aretha Franklin, the ‘Queen of Soul,’ Dies at 762. WATCH: Aretha Franklin - Don't Play That Song You Lied3. Crazy Rich Asians isn’t about money, it’s about entitlement—and that’s a good thing4. The organizer of the Charlottesville rally just got humiliated by his own father5. Bans don’t seem to be lessening reach of Alex Jones, InfoWars6. Les Moonves and CBS Face Allegations of Sexual Misconduct7. When Is Time Really Up? #MeToo Movement Grapples With Paths to Redemption8. Men "Brought Down" by the #MeToo Movement Are Back9. Charlie Rose Will Reportedly Host a Show About Men Brought Down by #MeToo10. Matt Lauer still has ties at NBC News, where colleagues believe a professional comeback is possible11. Casey Affleck’s Dark Secret: The Disturbing Allegations Against the Oscar Hopeful12. FX boss on how Louis C.K. could return to TV13. The Redemption Narrative in the 2017 Oscar Nominations14. Mel Gibson has set the blueprint for a #MeToo comeback. Expect other men to follow it.15. Where are they now? Why 'sh---- media men' keep getting second chances16. Donating vacation time to new moms is a trendy co-worker baby shower gift17. I'm Insanely Jealous of Sweden's Work-Family Policies. You Should Be, Too.18. Trump's military parade is now estimated to cost $92 million – $80 million more than earlier estimate19. WATCH: Aretha Franklin- I Never Loved A Man (Demo Version)

White House For Sale, B***h I’m A Cow! 8.15.18

In episode 212, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Danielle Radford to discuss 'Moo' aka the song of summer, Nicki Minaj's latest album and her Twitter beef with her Ex, Tuesday's Primary Election results, Omarosa revealing audio of President Trump saying the N-word, the last day of the Paul Manafort trial, MoviePass is trading at 5 cents, and More!FOOTNOTES:1. Nicki Minaj Unfazed By Twitter War With Safaree2. The Summer’s Most Important Wind Down Is ‘Mooo!’ by Doja Cat3. 2018 House Race Ratings4. Diverse candidates rule the night and other takeaways from Tuesday's primaries5. Democrats Discard Washington Platform in Bid for House Control Image6. Omarosa reveals audio of Trump campaign aides allegedly discussing potential fallout of N-word7. Reports: Trump Campaign Files Arbitration Against Omarosa8. ‘People are terrified’: Trump staffers live in fear of Omarosa’s next tape9. Manafort defense reminds jurors of government's high burden of proof10. Sarah Sanders apologizes for false claim about African-American jobs11. Prosecution presents closing arguments in Manafort trial12. MoviePass just lost $132 a share and it's trading at 5¢13. Paul Manafort trial Day 12: Defense argues government failed to prove guilt