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Low Effort Topical Costumes, Why Horror Will Look Insane In 200 Years 10.23.18

In episode 258, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Marlena Rodriguez to discuss how the new Halloween film killed the box office over the weekend, the Trump administration trying to eliminate the definition of 'transgender,' Chipotle's 'Boo-rito' discount, UberEats considering delivering food with drones, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. 'Halloween' Slices Up a Monster $77.5 Million Opening2. ‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration3. No exaggeration: Trump wants to erase transgender people4. Chipotle’s Halloween costume discount forces staff to make the tough calls5. Flying food: Uber has set a target date to use drones for meal delivery6. WATCH: Astronauts, etc. - "The Border" (official music video)

Rihanna To NFL: Na Fam, Four Loko For Rich Whites 10.22.18

In episode 257, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Eric Lampaert to discuss a new cold brew with alcohol, how Netflix is finally starting to cancel shows, John Kelly and John Bolton's shouting match about immigration, the GOP taking up it's racism a notch with a new robo-call, the right's smear campaign of Jamal Khashoggi, Rihanna turning down the Super Bowl in support of Colin Kaepernick, bloidwatch, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Cafe Agave Turns Up The Heat With Launch Of New Spiked Cold Brew, First-Of-Its-Kind Gourmet Coffee Plus Alcohol, 12.5% abv2. NETFLIX IS SO BIG IT'S FINALLY CANCELING SHOWS. GOOD3. John Kelly and John Bolton Have Shouting Match Over Immigration4. Trump: I can’t fix the immigration problem, so Republicans should demagogue it instead5. Record number of families crossing U.S. border as Trump threatens new crackdown6. The Trump administration reportedly wants to try family separation again7. This is a real radio ad currently running in Arkansas in support of Republican Congressman French Hill on radio stations targeted to the African American community.8. Black Americans for the President's Agenda9. Fox's Outnumbered smears murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi as being "tied to the Muslim Brotherhood"10. From travels with bin Laden to sparring with princes: Jamal Khashoggi’s provocative journey11. For Khashoggi, a Tangled Mix of Royal Service and Islamist Sympathies12. Trump Jr. Boosts Smear Tying Missing Journalist Jamal Khashoggi to Islamic Terrorism13. America’s Dilemma: Censuring M.B.S. and Not Halting Saudi Reforms14. Reconsidering the US-Saudi relationship15. Rihanna turns down Super Bowl show, backs Kaepernick16. WATCH: Topaz Jones - Toothache (Official Video)

Weekly Zeitgeist 46 (Best of 10/15/18-10/19/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 53 (10/15/18-10/19/18.)

A Whole Cruz World, Resource Warz! 10.19.18

In episode 256, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Julian McCullough to discuss a profile on Heidi Cruz, Ted Cruz's wife, Facebook's inflated video metrics, the boost of racism in the GOP, how a group of black senior citizens were ordered off a Georgia bus taking them to vote, the mainstream media taking Trump's side in regards to Elizabeth Warren's DNA test, the parts of the world where the resource wars will be fought, updates on the murder of Saudi journalist Khashoggi, the saddest profession, Fran Drescher and Cardi B bringing back 'The Nanny,' a 'Real World' reboot, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. There's now a 'Golden Girls'-inspired cereal and it's flying off the shelves2. Heidi Cruz Didn’t Plan for This3. Facebook may have knowingly inflated its video metrics for over a year4. Democrats mount a Midwestern comeback5. Thomas Homan: “This caravan issue lays at the feet of the Democratic Party up on the Hill.”6. Mary Ann Mendoza: “Until our politicians really make a stand…we’re going to continue to see these caravans of people because we have politicians like Nancy Pelosi who encourage them to keep making this trek.” 7. Black senior citizens ordered off Georgia bus taking them to vote8. White? Black? A Murky Distinction Grows Still Murkier9. Here’s Where the Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought10. When the (Empty) Apartment Next Door Is Owned by an Oligarch11. Kelly, Bolton Get in Profane Shouting Match Outside the Oval Office12. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin pulls out of investment conference, rebuking Saudi regime13. What we know about the 15 Saudis said to have played a role in Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance14. Survey Finds Widespread 'Moral Distress' Among Veterinarians15. Fran Drescher Says She's 'Talking' to Cardi B's Team About Casting Rapper in a Nanny Reboot16. ‘Real World’ Reboot Coming to Facebook Watch17. WATCH: Jordan Rakei - Midnight Mischief (Tom Misch Remix)

Julian Assange: Worst House Guest, The Murderer’s Story Checks Out 10.18.18

In episode 255, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Danielle Radford to discuss Julian Assange being the worst asylum seeking couch surfer, more info on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, The Turning Point group's problem with hiring racists, Mueller getting ready to give us some information from his investigation, The Conners, The Good Place, The BET Awards, the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Ecuador tells Assange to avoid political activity online – and feed the cat2. Trump appears to make room for Saudis to deny involvement in Khashoggi disappearance3. Pompeo: Saudis didn't want to discuss 'any of the facts' in Khashoggi disappearance4. Saudi Arabia Delivers $100 Million Pledged to U.S. as Pompeo Lands in Riyadh5. “I WAS ORDERED SILENT”: HOW JAMAL KHASHOGGI FELL OUT WITH BIN SALMAN6. WWE Talent Is Uncomfortable With Saudi Arabia Show—And They Should Be7. Turning Point USA Keeps Accidentally Hiring Racists8. Tweets About Diapers Broke the Entire Conservative Youth Movement9. Leaked Memo From Conservative Group Cautions Students to Stay Away From Turning Point USA10. Chats Show FIU Turning Point USA Members Sharing Racist Memes and Rape Jokes11. Chats Show FIU College Republicans Joking About Charlottesville, Deporting Classmates12. Mueller Ready to Deliver Key Findings in His Trump Probe, Sources Say13. The Conners ratings are a lot lower than Roseanne premiere14. THE GOOD PLACESEASON 3 15. BET Hip Hop Awards 2018: The winners list16. CARDI B NEW MUSIC TAKES AIM AT NICKI MINAJ ... Cardi's Team is Split17. WATCH: LEISURE - Money

Hollywood’s Longest Continuous Bender, Demo(n)crats 10.17.18

In episode 254, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Nick Vatterott to discuss Google trends with Amy Winehouse, Tara Reid, Lady Gaga's fiancé Christian Carino, and Nathan Fillion, a culture wars report, Tucker Carlson crying, the right believing in black magic, the push for a civil war, the NYPD covering for Proud Boys, Lindsay Graham's racist jokes, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Amy Winehouse is coming back as a ‘hologram’ for a 2019 world tour2. Tara Reid, Dog Booted From Plane3. Who Is Lady Gaga’s Fiancé, Christian Carino?4. Tucker Carlson Says He Can No Longer Go To Restaurants Because Activists Keep Yelling At Him5. Officials: NY Man Planned to Blow Self Up in DC Over Country's Direction6. Nathan’s Story7. Trump calls Kavanaugh accusations a 'hoax set up by the Democrats'8. Witchcraft Spells Being Cast Following Kavanaugh Confirmation9. Antifa attacks again — swords and vandalism at New York GOP office 10. Members Of The Proud Boys Violently Beat Up Protesters And Weren’t Arrested. New York Police Won’t Say Why.11. In a now-deleted video, a Proud Boy could be heard shouting, "I had one of their heads and I was just smashing it into the pavement! I ripped that motherfucker's mask off and kicked him right in the head! That son of a bitch! He's a fucking foreigner!"12. A Second American Civil War?13. Armed protesters were on Portland rooftop in August, police now say14. Lindsey Graham jokes about taking a DNA test: "I'll probably be Iranian. That'd be, like, terrible."15. WATCH: The Left: An Unhinged Mob16. Saudi crown prince vows wider probes into Khashoggi case but still denies knowledge of journalist’s fate, Trump says17. WATCH: Dirty Art Club - I'll Meet You In Brasil

R.I.P.ete and Ariana, Psych! Rogue Killer 10.16.18

In episode 253, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Ryan Singer to discuss the break up of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Meghan Markle's pregnancy, Trump's 60 Minutes interview, Elizabeth Warren's ancestry, Saudi Arabia possibly copping to killing journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the most and least efficient fast food restaurants, Tom Delonge's failing UFO project, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. And they said it wouldn’t last: Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have broken up 2. Meghan Markle, Prince Harry announce pregnancy3. Zurawik: Here's what really matters about Trump's '60 Minutes' interview4. Lesley Stahl backing Trump into a corner on Kim Jong-un here is how every journalist should have been pressing him in every situation and needs to press him from now on.5. When Lesley Stahl asks about why Trump never has a bad word to say about Putin, he goes off on everything he thinks he has done to stand up to him and immediately tries to distract with China.6. President Trump to Lesley Stahl: "Lesley, it's okay. In the meantime, I'm president--and you're not."7. Elizabeth Warren Fights Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Taunt With DNA Test Proving Native American Roots8. President says at debate he'll offer Warren $1 million to charity if she'll take DNA test, followed by him denying it just moments ago. 9. Trump Says He’ll Only Donate To Charity If He Can Test Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Himself10. Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates11. The Trail of Clues in the Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi12. Saudis Weigh Saying Journalist Was Killed by Mistake13. The 2018 QSR Drive-Thru Study14. All the dumb things? UFO project has $37 million deficit15. WATCH: Mick Jenkins - Understood

Alexa, Was My Life Good? JFK: Solved! 10.15.18

In episode 252, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Bechdel Cast host Caitlin Durante to discuss new Amazon Echo devices, how Amazon found a way to screw over their warehouse workers, Trump wanting to replace Nikki Haley with a woman because of Kavanaugh, the fact that we are due for another financial crisis, Republican pair posing as communists to make Democratic donation, Democrats needing to push to adopt Australian voter laws, a Mad Max festival in the desert, a new theory about the JFK assassination, a women being kicked off a plane for bringing her emotional support squirrel aboard, bloidwatch, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Here are the five new Amazon Echo devices available now2. Amazon Warehouse Workers Lose Bonuses, Stock Awards for Raises3. Eyeing midterm gender gap, Trump aides seek woman for U.N. post4. Republican pair apparently pose as communists to make Democratic donation5. Australia election: Why is voting compulsory?6. The Strangest Desert Festival In the World Makes Everyone’s Mad Max Dreams Come True7. Lee Harvey Oswald’s little green book shows JFK wasn't the real target8. Flight Delayed After Woman Brings An ‘Emotional Support Squirrel’ Onboard9. WATCH: Mk.gee - You

Weekly Zeitgeist 45 (Best of 10/8/18-10/12/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 52 (10/8/18-10/12/18.)

Fox News Not Sure How Movies Work, Hail Little Caesar 10.12.18

In episode 251, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian, Pop Culture Collaborative fellow, and #GoodMuslimBadMuslim co-host Zahra Noorbakhsh to discuss Google trends, Kanye West's meeting with Trump at the White House, how Georgia's Secretary of State Brian Kemp is blocking over 50k voter registrations as he runs for governor, Trump's call to Fox and Friends, Melania doubling down on her #Metoo comments, Bob Corker's comments on the missing Saudi journalist, Facebook shutting down Facebook accounts used to influence politics, LeBron James sharing wine with his sons, Little Caesars giving away pizza to the needy, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Selena Gomez has full support of her friends and family as she seeks treatment2. Jamie Lee Curtis Claps Back At Fox News For Calling Her A Hypocrite On Gun Control3. "That was quite something": Kanye West steals the show at the White House — live updates4. Report: Georgia's Secretary of State Is Blocking 53,000 Voter Registrations as He Runs for Governor5. The takeaways from Trump's 47-minute "Fox & Friends" call6. Melania Trump: I’m one of the most bullied people in the world7. Khashoggi was murdered, Saudis did it, leading Republican says8. SAUDI CROWN PRINCE BOASTED THAT JARED KUSHNER WAS “IN HIS POCKET”9. Americans are now copying Russia and making hundreds of fake Facebook accounts to influence politics10. LeBron James says he shares wine with his sons — ages 11 and 1411. North Dakota Little Caesars has handed out 142,000 slices of pizza to needy people12. Obi Juan - Grand Exchange

Melania “Hot Take” Trump, These 100 Companies Killed The Planet 10.11.18

In episode 250, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Reality Bytes co-host Sofiya Alexandra to discuss Hurricane Michael, Melania Trump's comments on the #metoo movement, Trump's mis-leading op-ed on Medicare-For-All, the right fearing for their lives cause of liberals, Trump's behavior leading to the more corrupt behavior across the world, why stocks are dropping, scientists studying the flipping bottle trick, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Hurricane Michael makes landfall: Florida homes fully submerged – live2. Melania Trump weighs in on the #MeToo movement3. Donald Trump: Democrats 'Medicare for All' plan will demolish promises to seniors4. Democrats seize on cherry-picked claim that ‘Medicare-for-all’ would save $2 trillion5. ERIC HOLDER: WHEN REPUBLICANS GO LOW, ‘WE KICK THEM’6. Hillary Clinton: You 'cannot be civil' with Republicans, Democrats need to be 'tougher'7. Watch Tucker Carlson bumble and stumble and change the subject when he tries to paint "The Left" as a violent mob and his guest brings up Dylann Roof and Charlottesville8. Rand Paul on political climate: 'I really worry that someone is going to be killed'9. Turkish officials say a Saudi murder squad is behind journalist's death10. Bond yields rise to 7-year high. Time to worry?11. Dow falls 832 points in third-worst day by points ever12. Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says13. The Carbon Majors Database14. Physics holds the key to performing the flipping water bottle trick15. WATCH: Tajima Hal - For A While

Trump Admin’s Only Popular Member Quits, 12 Years Left? 10.10.18

In episode 249, Jack and Miles are joined by visual artist and The Soft Spot co-host Meg Molloy to discuss the effects of Taylor Swift's political post, Kanye West's meeting with Trump, the false narrative that the republicans outmaneuvered the democrats, Nikki Haley's resignation, the fact that we only have a twelve year window to deal with climate change according to scientists, the disappearance of a journalist at the hands of Saudi's government, conspiracy theorists embracing the microwave attacking diplomats theory, Pizza Hut and Cinnabon joining forces, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Taylor Swift: Voter Registration Spike Follows Star’s Political Awakening2. Kanye West will meet with Trump at the White House to talk prison reform, violence in Chicago3. Haley: Kushner Is ‘Such A Hidden Genius That No One Understands’4. April 25, 2018 - Trump Gets Better Grades On North Korea, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; But Voters Say Trump Is Making World Less Safe5. Is Nikki Haley the most popular politician in America?6. Majority of top U.S. newspapers fail to mention landmark climate change report on their homepages7. Khashoggi Disappearance Is Part of a Ruthless Saudi Campaign to Crush Dissent8. Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Harvard: Saudi Prince’s U.S. Tour9. Trump’s Publisher Pal Puts Saudi Propaganda Magazine in U.S. Supermarkets10. Saudi women's rights activist arrested as long-time driving ban lifted11. Trump Gives Dictators the Green Light12. Conspiracy Theorists Are Embracing A Microwave Theory About US Diplomats Injured In Cuba13. Pizza Hut and Cinnabon combine forces to make home cinnamon-roll delivery a reality14. WATCH: LION BABE - Rockets (Official Audio) ft. Moe Moks

Fox: KANYE > TAYLOR SWIFT, Banksy Banksy’s It Up On A Banksy 10.9.18

In episode 248, Jack and Miles are joined by Kinda Dating podcast host Natasha Chandel to discuss website traffic rankings, Venom and A Star Is Born crushing the box office, a new story that reveals that dogs aren't as smart as we thought, Taylor Swift finally getting political, all the state deadlines for registering to vote, Kanye West's clear mental health issues, a new poll showing the gender gap when it comes to party support, Banksy's newest Banksy idea, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Top Websites Ranking2. 'Venom' breaks records, 'A Star Is Born' shines at the box office3. Your Dog May Be Smart, but She’s Not Exceptional4. What Made Taylor Swift Finally Get Political?5. How to Register to Vote: Deadlines for Each State6. Fox News guest @charliekirk11 loved when Kanye went on a pro-Trump rant—but now wants Taylor Swift to shut up? The hypocrisy is staggering 7. Pete Davidson Issues Mental Health Plea to Kanye West on SNL8. Survey of battleground House districts shows Democrats with narrow edge9. Why putting £1m through the shredder is Banksy’s greatest work10. WATCH: Wayne Snow - Nothing Wrong

Susan Collins: Feminist ICON, Hooters Going Extinct 10.8.18

In episode 247, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian, writer, and You're Making It Worse podcast co-host H. Alan Scott to discuss Russian bots entering the culture wars, Krispy Kreme coming to Ireland, the film A Star Is Born with super producer Anna Hossnieh, Susan Collins decision to vote for Kavanaugh or not, Hooter's starting to lose steam, bloidwatch, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Weaponizing the haters: The Last Jedi and the strategic politicization of pop culture through social media manipulation.2. BRETT KAVANAUGH HAS HUGE OPPOSITION IN THE U.S.—BUT RUSSIAN STATE PROPAGANDA LOVES DONALD TRUMP'S NOMINEE3. Krispy Kreme closing overnight 'Drive-Thru' after residents share extraordinary footage of 'honking cars'4. I Was Brett Kavanaugh’s College Roommate5. Brett Kavanaugh: Susan Collins announces decision as hundreds protest – live updates6. Hooters is closing restaurants. Is its offensive uniform to blame?7. WATCH: Sixtoo - "Boxcutter Emporium Pt. 3"

Weekly Zeitgeist 44 (Best of 10/1/18-10/5/18)

The weekly round up of the best moments from DZ's Season 51 (10/1/18-10/5/18.)

Killer Selfie! Republicans Energized By Assault 10.5.18

In episode 246, Jack and Miles are joined by writer and Reality Bytes podcast host Courtney Kocak to discuss Chris Evan's retiring as the role of Captain America, updates on the Kavanaugh investigation, selfies causing deaths, how hugs can make you happier, the city of Houston trying to shut down a sex robot brothel, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Chris Evans Officially Wraps Playing Captain America2. Chris Evans to Retire as Captain America After 'Avengers 4'3. Democrats’ Kavanaugh assassination is reuniting the right4. Republican enthusiasm surges amid Supreme Court battle5. Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford hearing spurs more division - CBS News Poll6. Is Kavanaugh Helping Republicans’ Midterm Chances?7. Here are the top ways people die while taking selfies and “being cool”8. Hug It Out: Study Shows Hugs Really Do Make Us Happier, Especially On Hard Days9. City Council amends SOB ordinance to block sex doll rental shop10. WATCH: Wild Belle - Keep You (Video)

Most Hated Foods, Trump’s Self-Made Myth 10.4.18

In episode 245, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Jamie Loftus to discuss the 'Presidential Alert' text message American's received, Adam McKay's new film about Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration, how Trump's brand is suffering since he entered the White House, the GOP's lack of care for women, the truth about Trump receiving a ton of money from his father, the most hated food in each state, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Merrill Markoe, Megan Koester to Debut Podcast ‘The Indignities of Being a Woman’ (EXCLUSIVE)2. Cellphone users nationwide just received a ‘Presidential Alert.’ Here’s what to know.3. Christian Bale Is Fully Committed to This Dick Cheney Part and His Transformation Is Proof4. Speed Read: The 5 Richest Bits in Forbes’ Look at Trump the ‘Net Loser’5. Trump Isn’t the Only Republican Mocking Survivors of Sexual Assault6. SRA Poll shows ND Senate race numbers, reaction to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh case7. Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father8. This Map Shows The Most Hated Food In Every State9. WATCH: Cirandar by Seu Jorge

UBoof40’s, Bezos Blesses The Peasants 10.3.18

In episode 244, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Liz Stewart to discuss Comedy Cellar's new policy cause of Louis CK, more news from Kavanaugh's wild drinking days, how the Trumps think this is a scary time for white men, how Whole Foods employees are considering unionizing since Amazon acquired them, a new Game of Thrones whiskey, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. Louis C.K. Performs Again, but Club Gives Patrons an Out2. Kavanaugh Was Questioned by Police After Bar Fight in 19853. Toobin: Poor plight of white men is ridiculous4. NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll National Survey Results and Analysis5. Poll: Majority of Republicans want Brett Kavanaugh confirmed even if assault accusations are true6. The unbearable corporate spin7. Amazon warehouse workers skip bathroom breaks to keep their jobs, says report8. Amazon's patent for caging workers was "bad" idea, exec admits9. Bernie Sanders introduces the BEZOS Act, slamming Amazon's low wages 10. Amazon is doling out raises of as little as 25 cents an hour in what employees call ‘damage control’11. Whole Foods employees are worried about new owner Amazon — so they’re trying to unionize12. Amazon's Aggressive Anti-Union Tactics Revealed in Leaked 45-Minute Video13. Game of Thrones®- Inspired Whisky Is Here In Celebration Of The Hit TV Series14. WATCH: Maxine Ashley - Happy (With Or Without You) 

How About St. Lohan, Kanye For President (Of The Sunken Place) 10.2.18

In episode 243, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Yusef Roach to discuss Lindsay Lohan's weird white savior behavior on Instagram Live, Kanye West's appearance on SNL, Pete Davidson and his sex life, how the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh is going, Elon Musk stepping down as chairman of Tesla, Papa John looking for buyers, MoviePass still pulling shady shit, the band Korn making their own branded Koffee, Urban Outfitter's new 'Influencer' costume, and more! FOOTNOTES:1. WATCH: Lindsay Lohan Tried to Steal Kids from a Syrian Refugee Family2. Kanye West praised Trump in a meandering speech on SNL. It didn’t air. 3, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande really love talking about their sex life4. Limits to FBI's Kavanaugh investigation have not changed, despite Trump's comments5. Tesla’s stock (TSLA) surges on Elon Musk’s SEC settlement and anticipation of the quarter’s numbers6. Papa John's asks potential acquirers to submit offers: sources7. MoviePass is now forcing former users to opt out of new plan or risk being charged8. Korn is now in the koffee business for some reason9. Don't Wear This 'Influencer' Halloween Costume Unless Someone Pays You to10. WATCH: Skinshape - detroit

Republicans Lit The Fuse, Facebook Breach #49,587 10.1.18

In episode 242, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and activist Derrick Lemos to discuss Olive Garden's new lasagna dip, Facebook being breached, more on the Kavanaugh testimony and the delayed vote on the senate floor, a possible civil war in our future, the SEC suing Elon Musk, bloidwatch, and more! FOOTNOTES: 1. Olive Garden Made A Lasagna Dip Served With Pasta Chips2. Facebook Is Breached, Putting 50 Million Users’ Data at Risk3. Hacker says he'll livestream deletion of Zuckerberg's Facebook page4. The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings Will Be Remembered as a Grotesque Display of Patriarchal Resentment5. Judge Brett Kavanaugh Plagiarizes Clarence Thomas In Denying Sex Assault6. Sen. Graham slams Democrats, vigorously defends Kavanaugh7. A New Citizen Decides to Leave the Tumult of Trump’s America8. Why the SEC Sued Elon Musk, and What It Means for Tesla9. WATCH: Miike Snow - Animal [Mark Ronson Remix]