TDZ Footnotes 1.11.18

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Drew Angerer

1. Scoop: Trump's secret, shrinking schedule

2. Watch Pete Hoekstra, American ambassador to the Netherlands, use KGB gaslighting tactics

3. Roel Geeraedts Tweet

4. Michael Douglas Gets Out Front Of Potential Harassment Story To Preemptively Deny Sordid Accusation

5. Five women accuse actor James Franco of inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior

6. I Started the Media Men List My name is Moira Donegan.

7. Stressful conditions, not ‘sonic weapon,’ sickened U.S diplomats, Cuba panel asserts

8. Cuba mystery: U.S. doctors find brain abnormalities in victims

9. Cuba health attack victim: Complaints "were ignored"

10. Uzbekistan incident raises suspicions of Russian involvement in Cuba attacks

11. WATCH: Lana Del Rey - Get Free (Official Audio)

12. WATCH: Radiohead - Creep

13. WATCH: The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino !!!

14. Lana Del Rey, Radiohead, and the Difficulty of Making Original Music