TDZ Footnotes 1.17.18

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Justin Sullivan

1. The media poke and prod at Trump’s health

2. Montreal Cognitive Assesment

3. Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA): Administration and Scoring Instructions

4. This is the cognitive test the president passed

5. Sanjay Gupta: By all standards, Trump has heart disease

6. Aaron Rupar Tweet about Erik Trump

7. Bannon subpoenaed by House committee after refusing to answer questions

8. WH directs Bannon to avoid answering Hill queries in Russia probe


10. Babe, What Are You Doing?

11. That Article Was Bad. By Eliza Skinner

12. Lauren Keller Tweet about article

13. Allies support Eliza Dushku as accused stunt coordinator rejects molestation allegations as ‘lies’

14. Fox News shelved story on Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels before election

15. InTouch to Drop 5,000 Words From Stormy Daniels on Sex With Trump

16. How a malnourished teen escaped a house full of chains and freed her 12 siblings

17. Horror for 13 California Siblings Hidden by Veneer of a Private Home School

18. Starcrest of California

19. Perris, California google map images

20. Trump criticism dominates Chuck Grassley town meeting in rural Iowa

21. RiotWomen Tweet about rural Iowa voters

22. Ernst answers questions about Trump in town hall meeting

23. ‘Wake Up Call’ — Dems Score Big Upset In Rural Wisconsin, Triggering GOP Alarm

24. New alarm among Republicans that Democrats could win big this year

25. I Paid To See A Movie About Singing. I Got Ninety Minutes Of Pentagon Propaganda.

26. ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Is ‘Pentagon Propaganda’ in the Guise of a Musical, According to a Crazy Report

27. Pentagon Goes to Hollywood

28. Service Members Help ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Hit the Right Notes

29. Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

30. Liaisons Talk Military Cooperation with Hollywood – Produced By

31. Stars and Stripes on Screen: A Comprehensive Guide to Portrayals of American Military on Film

32. Military interference in American film production

33. Operation Hollywood

34. New California declares "independence" from rest of state

35. WATCH: William Shatner - Common People