TDZ Footnotes 1.2.18

(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic) Taylor Hill

1. Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan

2. Video: CNN Reporter Holds Joints, Lights Bong for Pot Smoker on Live New Year’s Eve Broadcast

3. WATCH: "You Sound Like You're On Heroin Or Something...?" NYE Co-Host Andy Cohen Tells Anderson Cooper

4. Psychology Explains New Year Resolutions, Hits and Misses

5. Vice Media Puts President And Chief Digital Officer On Leave After Sexual Misconduct Claims

6. Finally, Other YouTubers Have Publicly Slammed Logan Paul

7. This Podcast Network Is Shutting Down Following Abuse Allegations Against Its Founder

8. This Man Says He Was Sexually Assaulted By Jann Wenner. Then He Got An Amazing Job Offer At Rolling Stone.

9. New era opens in California with first sales of recreational marijuana

10. The Trust Gap: Why People Are So Cynical

11. Why So Cynical? Asymmetric Feedback Underlies Misguided Skepticism Regarding the Trustworthiness of Others

12. Why did protests erupt in Iran?

13. Five things you need to know about protests in Iran