TDZ Footnotes 1.31.18

(Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Best Buddies) Paul Marotta

1. FEMA says it is not cutting off aid to Puerto Rico

2. The Plot Against America

3. Trump Took a Victory Lap. Here's What He Didn't Mention

4. WATCH: Joe Kennedy criticizes Trump in Democratic response

5. Fact-checking the 2018 State of the Union address

6. Trump taunts Schumer for taking ‘such a beating’ on government shutdown fight

7. Do ‘Fast and Furious’ Movies Cause a Rise in Speeding?

8. Traffic Violations

9. What You See is What You Do: Risky Behaviors Linked to Risk-Glorifying Media Exposure

10. Violent Video Game Effects on Aggression, Empathy, and Prosocial Behavior in Eastern and Western Countries: A Meta-Analytic Review