TDZ Footnotes 11.27.17

(Photo by Danny Lawson/PA Images via Getty Images) Danny Lawson - PA Images

1. The Man Who Paints The Future

2. Time Inc. Sells Itself to Meredith Corp., Backed by Koch Brothers

3. Study: American police killings have been drastically underestimated

4. The Counted: People Killed By The Police In The US, Recorded by The Guardian - With Your Help

5. Statement by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on efforts to address impact of IV fluid shortages following hurricane destruction and resolve manufacturing shortfalls

6. A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland

7. The New York Times Can't Figure Out Where Nazis Come From In 2017. Pepe Has An Answer.

8. The media today: How not to write about a Nazi

9. Flynn legal team no longer discussing special counsel Russia probe with Trump lawyers

10. As he investigates Trump's aides, Robert Mueller's record shows surprising flaws

11. US pays $5.8 million to scientist

12. The Untold Story of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks

13. Anthrax report casts doubt on scientific evidence in FBI case against Bruce Ivins

14. Former F.B.I. Agent Sues, Claiming Retaliation Over Misgivings in Anthrax Case

15. Line of succession to the British throne