TDZ Footnotes 11.3.17

AFP PHOTO/AL-JAZEERA (Photo credit should read AFP/Getty Images) - / AFP/Getty Images

1. CIA suspends access to bin Laden files after internet goes wild

2. Osama bin Laden’s compound computers held crochet lessons, viral YouTube videos, and sexy video games

3. Osama Bin Laden's computers contained a bunch of bootleg porn game screens

4. Trump’s Female Accusers Feel Forgotten. A Lawsuit May Change That.

5. Art Magazine Publisher Resigns Over Sexual Harassment Suit

6. From 1971: Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

7. The People Who Need Very Sleep

8. How do Whales and Dolphins Sleep Without Drowning?

9. Being ‘consciously asleep’ is common and — as is possible in Metro-North crash — dangerous: experts

10. Local sleep in awake rats

11. Microsleep: Brain regions can take short naps during wakefulness, leading to errors

12. Louise Bourgeois – the reluctant hero of feminist art


14. The women who helped Donald Trump win