TDZ Footnotes 11.30.17

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Ethan Miller

1. Tweet from Jonah Freedman about Grandmother's Warning

2. How Nefarious Was Matt Lauer’s Secret Door-Locking Button?

3. Army veteran says Franken groped her during USO tour in 2003

4. Writer Jenny Lumet: Russell Simmons Sexually Violated Me (Guest Column)

5. Republicans are selling the Senate tax bill with two big pieces of misinformation

6. Faith leaders arrested as major religious groups rally against the GOP tax reform bill

7. Watch CEOs admit they won’t actually invest more if tax reform passes

8. Kellyanne Conway Has Zero Experience In Drug Policy But Is Running the White House Opioid Response

9. African and European leaders want to evacuate thousands mired in Libyan slave trade

10. Fox News refuses to run ad explaining how Trump personally benefits from his tax plan

11. Nazi Sympathizer Profiled by The Times Loses His Job

12. Texas Rep. Joe Barton, embarrassed by nude photo online, to retire

13. What Facebook Did to American Democracy

14. How Facebook fought to keep political ads in the shadows

15. Trump campaign’s embrace of Facebook shows company’s growing reach in elections

16. The Case for a Taxpayer-Supported Version of Facebook

17. What if Platforms Like Facebook Are Too Big to Regulate?

18. O.J. Simpson's house was very popular with trick-or-treaters on Halloween

19. IMAGE: OJ outside his house on Halloween

20. OJ Simpson Popping Up Around Las Vegas Amid Calls for Station Casinos to Ban Him

21. O.J. Simpson Banned From Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas After Alleged Drunken Incident

22. Caitlyn Jenner and O.J. Simpson Are Set to Reunite on TV: "It Would Be Fascinating!" (EXCLUSIVE)

23. Caitlyn Jenner and O.J. Simpson Are Set to Broadcast Their Reunion on TV


25. WATCH: Jaden Smith - Fallen (Official Music Video)