TDZ Footnotes 2.1.18

(Photo by Bill Baptist/WireImage) Bill Baptist

1. Jogging data reveals locations of sensitive military bases

2. From the Inside: The Countdown to Day Zero

3. Dangerously Low on Water, Cape Town Now Faces ‘Day Zero’

4. Water Conflict Chronology Timeline

5. Water Pollution: Freshwater

6. How much water is there on, in, and above the Earth?

7. Why Is Michael Burry Investing In Water?

8. Water scarcity


10. The Control of Nature

11. Bizarre? “Michael Burry is focusing all of his trading on one commodity: Water”

12. As Day Zero nears, Cape Town's drought is a stark reminder: climate change can cause conflict

13. Michelle Obama to frightened Americans: 'All we have is hope'

14. Super Bowl LII prop bets: Odds Justin Timberlake sings ‘Dick in a box’, Donald Trump tweets, MVP, more

15. The Man Behind 'Left Shark' Explains His Viral Super Bowl Moment

16. WATCH: The Meters - Stormy (Instrumental)