TDZ Footnotes 2.28.18

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1. Kushner’s overseas contacts raise concerns as foreign officials seek leverage

2. Ben Carson’s $31,000 dining room shows the gaudy looting habits of Team Trump have no limit

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Major Gun Retailer, Stops Selling Assault-Style Weapons

4. Not everything you read on Google is true. This Georgia Republican just learned that the hard way.

5. Apple, Amazon, YouTube Urged To Pull NRA TV Channel

6. NRATV correspondent: Liberals have "so much in common" with ISIS: “They both hate America”

7. The world’s biggest tech companies stream NRA propaganda 24 hours a day

8. NRA Raises Specter Of The Holocaust To Fearmonger About Confiscation Of Firearms

9. NRATV host calls the 2018 Women’s March “an anti-American movement”

10. NRATV Host Claims Parkland Shooting is Like Benghazi: ‘This is What Liberal Leadership Gets You’

11. Of Course Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog

12. Barbra Streisand Had Her Beloved Dog Samantha Cloned: Meet Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet

13. How Much Does It Cost To Clone A Pet?

14. What Happened to the First Cloned Puppy

15. First cloned cat turns 10

16. One-Third of Millennials Pick Big Raise Over Relationship: Survey

17. WATCH: