TDZ Footnotes 2.8.18

(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images) Michael Ochs Archives

1. Richard Pryor’s Widow Is Happy to Confirm He Hooked Up With Marlon Brando

2. T-Pain Begrudgingly Confirms Quincy Jones’s Story About Him

3. Kate Upton Details Harassment by Paul Marciano of Guess: He ‘Forcibly Grabbed My Breasts’

4. Nicole Eggert Files LAPD Report Against Scott Baio Over Sexual Assault

5. Police Investigating Backstreet Boy Nick Carter After Rape Accuser Files Report

6. Bad info from Spirit Air led me to flush pet hamster down airport toilet, student says

7. Cornell University‬, ‪Zeta Beta Tau‬‬

8. Spice Girls‬, ‪Victoria Beckham‬, ‪Geri Halliwell‬, ‪Melanie Brown‬, ‪Melanie C‬, ‪Emma Bunton‬, ‪Simon Fuller‬, ‪United Kingdom‬‬

9. Tesla Motors‬, ‪NASDAQ‬, ‪Earnings‬, ‪Tesla Model 3‬‬

10. did the groundhog see his shadow

11. Gutiérrez: Pelosi's speech was great, but real DACA test comes Thursday

12. Ryan Offers Immigration Commitment But Not One Pelosi Wants

13. To Win Respect from LGBT Olympians, Pence Must Condemn Conversion Therapy

14. Pence keeps lying about supporting ex-gay therapy as his feud with gay Olympian escalates

15. Gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy calls out Mike Pence on 'Ellen'

16. The Truman Show Delusion

17. DNA from 10,000-year-old skeleton suggests oldest-known Briton had dark skin, blue eyes

18. Is Tom Brady’s kiss with his son ‘uncomfortable’?

19. Brown Skin Lady - Black Star