TDZ Footnotes 3.12.18

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Ethan Miller

1. Jay-Z and Beyonce Announce ‘On the Run II’ Stadium Tour Dates

2. Stormy Daniels launches ‘Make America Horny Again Tour’

3. Stormy Daniels Offers to Return Payment to End Deal for Her Silence

4. Trump Lawyers Are Considering A Challenge To Stop "60 Minutes" From Airing A Stormy Daniels Interview

5. Why it was so easy for ‘60 Minutes’ to rebut Betsy DeVos’s charter-school arguments

6. Axios Tweet about Betsy DeVos

7. Kyle Griffin Tweet about Betsy DeVos

8. The Role of Charter Schools in Improving Education

9. The Effect of Charter Schools on Students in Traditional Public Schools: A Review of the Evidence

10. Trump administration to aid states in firearms training for teachers, school staff

11. The 64 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's untethered Pennsylvania speech

12. NCAA tournament cheat sheet: Bracket analysis, upset picks and more

13. ‘O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession’ to Include Panelists Christopher Darden, Judith Regan, and Brown Family Representative

14. Critic's Notebook: Fox's 'O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?' Exploits O.J. Exploiting Double Murder

15. TV Ratings: 'American Idol' Stages a Solid Return on ABC, Unfazed by Fox's O.J. Simpson Special


17. WATCH: Blacking out by barstoolkato O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession? FOX

18. The O.J. Simpson Interview on Fox: Gripping, Gross or Both?