TDZ Footnotes 3.13.18

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Alex Wong

1. Joy Behar mocks Mike Pence for news he hears the voice of Jesus: ‘Can he talk to Mary Magdalene without his wife?’

2. 'Traitors will kick the bucket': Vladimir Putin swore revenge on poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal

3. Russia law on killing 'extremists' abroad

4. WATCH: Sanders refuses to blame Russia for UK poisoning

5. Litvinenko Inquiry Report 1

6. Litvinenko Inquiry Report 2

7. From Russia With Blood

8. British PM: Russia Will Face ‘Extensive’ Retaliation Without Ex-Spy Poisoning Explanation

9. The Trick-Shot QB Who Played His Way Into Trump’s Inner Circle

10. John McEntee, Trump Aide, Is Forced Out Over Security Issue, but Joins Re-election Campaign

11. Why Trump's Personal Assistant Was Abruptly Fired and Escorted Off White House Grounds


13. Trump Fires Rex Tillerson and Will Replace Him With C.I.A. Chief Pompeo

14. The U.S. Won’t Actually Leave the Paris Climate Deal Anytime Soon

15. Should Rex Tillerson Resign?

16. WATCH: Trump comments on Russia reportedly poisoning an ex-spy

17. Trump’s Pick To Replace Former Exxon CEO As Secretary Of State Is A Bigger Climate Denier

18. The CIA’s new nominee director Gina Haspel once ran a torture site and destroyed evidence

19. CIA Cables Detail Its New Deputy Director’s Role in Torture

20. Gina Haspel, C.I.A. Deputy Director, Had Leading Role in Torture

21. People Think Taylor Swift’s New Video Is A Rip-Off Of A Spike Jonze Ad

22. George Lucas cut female X-wing pilots out of Return of the Jedi at the last minute

23. The Women Who Run the ‘Star Wars’ Universe

24. Star Wars new female character 'extremely significant', says producer

25. ‘Star Wars’ Fans Divided After Jon Favreau Hired for Live-Action Series

26. ‘Star Wars’ Wants Female Directors for the Franchise, Says Kathleen Kennedy

27. Colin Trevorrow’s Comments on Lack of Female Blockbuster Directors Draw Criticism

28. WATCH: Craig Mack - "Flava In Ya Ear"