TDZ Footnotes 3.5.18

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1. WV Teachers STRIKE Fund

2. Striking West Virginia Teachers Want to Fix Their Failing Health Insurance System by Taxing Coal

3. Opinion: I am a coal miner’s daughter and a West Virginia teacher. Here’s why I’m on strike.

4. Trade Wars Are Bad and Hard to Win, U.K. Tells Trump

5. Sorry, President Trump, Trade Wars Are Bad And Impossible To Win

6. Inside the bitter Oval Office tariff fight

7. WATCH: Frances McDormand's Oscar 2018 Acceptance Speech for Best Actress

8. 5 Harassment Takeaways From Ashley Judd and Times Reporters

9. Women introduce powerful #MeToo video at the Academy Awards

10. Time’s Up, Oscars: Fewest Female Winners Since 2012

11. Gary Oldman’s Oscar win draws backlash as people bring up his ex-wife’s assault allegation

12. Sam Neill Tweet

13. Doug Jones Doesn't Love That 'Shape of Water' Fish Dick Dildo

14. XenoCat Artifacts