TDZ Footnotes 4.11.18

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Mark Wilson

1. GOP rep to Zuckerberg: 'Diamond and Silk is not terrorism'

2. The Internet roasts Zuckerberg over 'booster seat'

3. The key moments from Mark Zuckerberg's testimony to Congress

4. Let’s Talk About Mark Zuckerberg’s Claim that Facebook 'Doesn’t Sell Data'

5. This is how Facebook uses your data for ad targeting

6. Cambridge Analytica's Ad Targeting Is the Reason Facebook Exists

7. WATCH: Trump to Clinton: You're Telling the Enemy Everything

8. Donald Trump and the Element of Surprise

9. There’s A “High Level Of Freak-Out” At The White House As Trump Muses About Mueller

10. Trump Sought to Fire Mueller in December

11. At the White House, Trump Takes Selfies and Seethes Over Mueller

12. Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, Will Not Seek Re-election in November

13. Paul Ryan Rediscovers Own Spine for Long Enough to Criticize Donald Trump’s Stupid Tariffs

14. Paul Ryan Is the Silent Partner in Trump’s War on the Rule of Law

15. Ryan rocks Republicans with retirement

16. The leading Republican running for Paul Ryan’s seat is a white nationalist

17. Am I a bad feminist?

18. Women identify as assault, harassment victims using #metoo hashtag

19. Margaret Atwood faces backlash for #MeToo op-ed

20. Margaret Atwood on How Donald Trump Helped ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

21. WATCH: Luke's Change: an Inside Job

22. Patriots owner calls for criminal justice reform after visiting Meek Mill in prison

23. Key Senate Republicans Are Finally Admitting Trump Might Fire Mueller

24. Amber Rose Sends Love To Khloé Kardashian — But A Lot Of Twitter Is Dragging Tristan AND Her!!!

25. WATCH: S.Maharba - Girls In Pearls