TDZ Footnotes 4.23.18

(Photo by KMazur/WireImage) KMazur

1. ‘I’m Not a Hero,’ Says Unarmed Man Who Wrested Rifle From Waffle House Gunman

2. Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking arrested, police say

3. How FEMA uses Waffle Houses in disasters

4. Trump’s 2019 Nightmare

5. WATCH: Bill Clinton playing saxophone on Arsenio Hall Show (HD)

6. ‘I Was Trump Before Trump Was Trump’

7. Test the Trump credentials of the 3 Indiana Republicans running for U.S. Senate

8. WATCH: MAGA - Rokita for US Senate

9. WATCH: President Trump Was Right

10. WATCH: The Choice

11. Widow says Republican candidate’s immigration ad politicizes her husband’s death

12. GOP candidates are now mimicking Trump’s authoritarianism. That’s ominous.

13. WATCH: Vic Mitchell For Governor Ad - Do You Know Me?

14. WATCH: Josh Hawley for Sale: $50,000

15. GOP candidate says feminists have 'snake-filled heads,' hopes daughters don't become 'she devils'

16. Shania Twain apologizes after Trump comments fail to impress fans much

17. Good news: Kanye's releasing 5 albums this summer. Bad news: He's still on his Trump shit

18. WATCH: Abra - Pull Up (Official Music Video)