TDZ Footnotes 4.25.18

(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) Drew Hallowell

1. Meek Mill released from prison, attends 76ers game

2. Kanye West Twitter

3. Republicans Lost Support in Every Special Election Since Trump Became President

4. Daniel Dale tweet about blame on Muslims/Jihadists

5. Incel, the misogynist ideology that inspired the deadly Toronto attack, explained

6. Hannity: Here's the real state of the Union

7. Michael Cohen case shines light on Sean Hannity's property empire

8. Three Georgia Real Estate Investors Plead Guilty to Bid Rigging and Bank Fraud at Public Home Foreclosure Auctions

9. Sean Hannity's real estate venture linked to fraudulent property dealer

10. Blackstone's $9.6 Billion Bet On The U.S. Housing Recovery Files To Go Public

11. Major Rental-Home Companies Set to Merge as U.S. House Prices Recover

12. Wall Street landlords aren't looking out for Main Street tenants

13. Billion-Dollar Landlords: Rental home giant once led by Trump ally is under fire from some tenants, critics

14. Donald Trump in 2006: I 'sort of hope' real estate market tanks

15. The homewreckers: How Trump cronies are sabotaging the American dream

16. Freddie Mac Follows Fannie Mae to Rental Market, With Affordability as Goal

17. Buyout king Schwarzman is getting richer on the Trump rally

18. Why Should Hannity Have to Disclose His HUD-Backed Real-Estate Empire?

19. Food shots: Using the visual language of social media to drive traffic

20. The Hottest Social Scene in Town Isn’t the Singles’ Bar. It’s the Supermarket.