TDZ Footnotes 4.4.18

(Photo by Joseph Klipple/Getty Images) Joseph Klipple

1. The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only Worse

2. YouTube shooting: Female suspect 'angry over video postings'

3. Sadistic YouTube Deletes Channels, Demonetizes and Censors Content and Refuses to Respond to Press

4. Here Is All The Fake Information Going Around About The YouTube Shooting

5. Florida school shooting: A survivor's story

6. YouTube HQ shooting: fake news spreads on social media

7. Don't Believe Any Breaking News That Names This Comedian As A Mass Shooter

8. Jane Lytvynenko Twitter Thread about shooter misinformation

9. Jane Lytvynenko Twitter Thread about shooter misinformation continued

10. The Shooting At YouTube Showed How Bad Twitter’s Misinformation Problem Is

11. Newsweek Dragged for Using Unconfirmed Police Scanner Info to Report on YouTube Shooting

12. CNN Criticized for "Sexist" Coverage of YouTube Shooting

13. Mueller told Trump’s attorneys the president remains under investigation but is not currently a criminal target

14. Dr. King’s Vision: The Poor People’s Campaign of 1967-68

15. The myths we teach children about Martin Luther King Jr., explained by an ’80s board game

16. 5 decades into the Voting Rights Act, 23 percent of black voters can't vote in Florida

17. We can draw school zones to make classrooms less segregated. This is how well your district does.

18. Americans Want to Believe We’ve Made a Lot More Progress on Race Than We Actually Have

19. Americans misperceive racial economic equality

20. Income and Poverty in the United States: 2016

21. African Americans are the only racial group in U.S. still making less than they did in 2000

22. WATCH: Zoot Woman - Calmer