TDZ Footnotes 5.31.18

Kim K & Donald T. (Photo by Donald Trump)

1. Trump Considering Commutation For Rod Blagojevich, Pardon For Martha Stewart

2. Trump offers pardon to conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza, suggests others could be coming

3. 2 ways to get pardoned by Trump (Hint: Celebrity helps)

4. Trump meets with Kim Kardashian in the Oval Office

5. Specter of trade war after US tariffs on EU, Mexico, Canada

6. Where's Melania? First Lady Not Seen in Public for 3 Weeks

7. Silence on Melania stokes conspiracy theories

8. Trump Misspells Wife Melania’s Name as ‘Melanie’ in Update on Her Health Following Release from Hospital

9. Melania Trump Leaves Hospital After 'Successful' Kidney Procedure: She's in 'High Spirits'

10. Trump says the first lady is ‘doing great.’ She hasn’t been seen in public for two weeks.

11. Photo of Trump Pointing

12. Melania Trump's attempt to quash speculation over public absence dramatically backfires

13. He Predicted Trump Would Be President 6 Years Ago, Here's Why This Prophet Says Trump Is in for Two Terms

14. The Trump Prophecies: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow. and What He Says Is Coming Next

15. WATCH: Mark Taylor Admits Trump Prophecy Was for 2012, Not Fulfilled (Jim Bakker Show)

16. Mark Taylor: Trump Will Release The Cures For Cancer And Alzheimer’s In His Second Term

16. Megyn Kelly Nearly Missed the GOP Debate

17. Mark Taylor: God Made Megyn Kelly Ill As A ‘Warning Shot’ Not To Harm Donald Trump

18. WATCH: The Trump Prophecy The Movie October 2 & 4

19. Cancel the Liberty University Film Program's Heretical Film Project

20. Online petition hopes to cancel LU feature film highlighting author of 'Trump Prophecies'

21. WATCH: Love. Bacardi. Boston.

21. The ‘Alt-Right’ Has New Theme Song, And It Is Everything You Want It To Be!

22. WATCH: It's Okay To Be White (Official Music Video) | Bryn Dolman

23. Free Cash to Fight Income Inequality? California City Is First in U.S. to Try

24. Drake Addresses Blackface Photo Used for Pusha-T Cover Art

25. WATCH: Co.fee- Florence