TDZ Footnotes 6.18.18

(Michael Ciaglo/Houston Chronicle via AP) Michael Ciaglo

1. Tesla shares, bonds drop as CEO Musk bites hand of Wall Street

2. Tesla says its factory is safer. But it left injuries off the books

3. California Is Investigating Tesla Following a Damning Report Alleging Unsafe Work Conditions

4. Elon Musk's 'Pravda' Media Company Already Exists

5. Elon Musk’s Crusade for Media Accountability Lasted Three Whole Days Before He Recommended a News Site Affiliated With a Suspected Sex Cult

6. Outrage grows as families are separated. Will Trump change his policy?

7. Ann Coulter on Fox News calls crying immigrant children "child actors" and looks directly into the camera to warn Trump not to fall for it.

8. Laura Bush: Separating children from their parents at the border ‘breaks my heart’

9. Inside Casa Padre, the converted Walmart where the U.S. is holding nearly 1,500 immigrant children

10. Internment History

11. Leading Republicans Join Democrats in Pushing Trump to Halt Family Separations

12. ‘America is better than this’: What a doctor saw in a Texas shelter for migrant children

13. WATCH: Kellyanne Conway: 'Nobody likes seeing babies ripped from their mothers' arms'

14. Why Jeff Sessions Won’t Quit

15. A Moral and Legal Abomination

16. Stop breaking up families at the border

17. Trump Again Falsely Blames Democrats for His Separation Tactic

18. How Trump Came to Enforce a Practice of Separating Migrant Families

19. We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period.

20. Border Patrol ‘Very Uncomfortable’ With Use of the Word ‘Cages’ to Describe Detention Facilities

21. Hugh Hewitt to Jeff Sessions: Why Is It Necessary To Separate Parents From Children When Detained At Border?

22. Ted Cruz Beats Jimmy Kimmel In ‘Slow-Motion Car-Crash’ Basketball Game

23. Weekend Box Office

24. ‘Gotti’ flick is the worst mob movie of all time

25. John Travolta mob film Gotti gets whacked by critics

26. Cannes: John Travolta's 'Gotti' to Debut After Seven-Year Odyssey to the Screen

27. Gotti on Rotten Tomatoes

28. 'Gotti': How John Travolta Tried — and Failed — to Save His Passion Project

29. GOTTI FILM Boom Lowered on Joe Pesci

30. UPDATE: John Travolta “Gotti” Movie On Hold After All

31. Joe Johnston to Direct Revived 'Gotti' Biopic (Exclusive)

32. On Planned Mob Films, Multimillion-Dollar Fraud Is Alleged Before Cameras Ever Roll

33. Travolta’s Gotti film mobbed with trouble

34. The real-life story of making ‘Gotti’ is crazier than the movie

35. Mystery Surrounds Fate of John Travolta's 'Gotti' Movie

36. WATCH: John Travolta Dances On Stage With 50 Cent!

37. MoviePass Reps 40% Of ‘Gotti’s $1.67M Opening As Critics Slaughter John Travolta Mob Pic

38. El #sismo detectado en la Ciudad de México se originó de manera artificial. Posiblemente por saltos masivos durante el Gol de la selección de #México en el mundial. Por lo menos dos sensores dentro de la Ciudad lo detectaron a las 11:32.

39. Did Mexico’s Revelry in World Cup Win Over Germany Cause an Earthquake?

40. WATCH: Ebo Taylor - Come Along