TDZ Footnotes 6.26.18

Twitter Mural For Influencers ONLY, Please. Justin Caffier

1. There’s a new security-guarded mural in LA that only allows influencers and verifieds to take pics in front of it.

2. Influencer-Only Mural Promo in L.A. Just Makes Everyone Mad

3. Stephen Miller is the latest member of the Trump administration targeted by protesters

4. A friend, Esteban Guzman sent me this video of a racist white woman harassing him while out working with his mom.

5. Court upholds Trump travel ban, rejects discrimination claim

6. Central America’s Violent Northern Triangle

7. El Salvador gang violence pushes murder rate to postwar record

8. What’s the Homicide Capital of America? Murder Rates in U.S. Cities, Ranked.

9. Para compartir esta nota utiliza los íconos que aparecen en el sitio.

10. Northern Triangle is World’s Extortion Hotspot

11. Organised violence is ravaging Central America and displacing thousands


13. Mexican deportations near record low under Trump

14. Deadly Deportations

15. A journey into hell

16. Who’s Really Crossing the U.S. Border, and Why They’re Coming

17. When Deportation Is a Death Sentence

18. Constantino Morales Warned He Could Be Killed If He Was Deported. Then He Was.

19. Brother: Former Iowa immigration advocate killed in Mexico

20. Filmmaker David Lynch believes Trump could be one of greatest presidents in history

21. Director David Lynch: Trump ‘Could Go Down as One of the Greatest Presidents in History’

22. David Lynch’s Career ‘Officially Over’ Trump Jokes as He Reads Breitbart Article

23. David Lynch: ‘You gotta be selfish. It's a terrible thing’

24. New ‘Twin Peaks’ Book Connects Donald Trump to the Black Lodge

25. WATCH: David Lynch on Cooking Quinoa

26. The internet can’t agree on what ‘big dick energy’ means

27. Japan's Princess Mako postpones wedding until 2020

28. Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty shot against Iranian goalie Alireza Beiranvand

29. The Sleepers To Watch In The World Cup Knockout Rounds


31. Wayne Newton Unrecognizable On ‘The Bachelorette’: Fans Freak Over His New Face

32. WATCH: Erykah Badu - The Healer