TDZ Footnotes 6.29.18

We Are ALL Gotti. Steve Sands / Getty Images

1. Review: In ‘Uncle Drew,’ N.B.A. Stars Keep Dunking With Age

2. The eight most criminally awful things about John Travolta's Gotti

3. The Biggest Bombshells Drake Drops on His New Album

4. Capital Gazette shooting: Suspect charged after 5 killed at Maryland newspaper

5. Annapolis, Maryland, shooting at Capital Gazette offices: what we know

6. Alleged Annapolis Capital shooter Jarrod Ramos had long-running feud with paper

7. Appellate court upholds ruling in favor of Capital-Gazette

8. "Can you please talk to us about the dead reporters in Annapolis?"

9. Video Of Trump Ignoring Questions On The Capital Gazette Shooting Will Stun You

10. Mainstream Media Blame Donald Trump for Maryland Newspaper Shooter

11. And here is the Jarrod Ramos account's only reference to Trump, from 2015, saying that things "could end badly" for the Capital Gazette:

12. Jarrod Ramos: Capital Gazette Suspect Was Trump Fan, Accused Of Stalking Woman, Sued Paper For Defamation

13. After newsroom shooting, a Fox News correspondent says the network "check[ed]" and there "doesn't seem to be" an "ideological bent" to the paper

14. Fox News Checked The Ideology Of The Capital Gazette After The Mass Shooting And People Are Pissed

15. Sean Hannity blames Maxine Waters for shooting at Maryland newsroom

16. Marco Rubio Clutched His Pearls After CNN Said The F-Word And Was Promptly Ridiculed On Social Media For It

17. Maxine Waters says she's faced increased threats, cancels attending 2 events

18. 6 Insane Stories of a Magician Who Helped Win WWII

19. Talk About 'The Appearance of Corruption'

20. Amy Coney Barrett headshot

21. As Trump readies to announce Supreme Court pick, one judge emerges as top candidate

22. This judge was the runner-up to Neil Gorsuch when Trump made his 1st Supreme Court pick — now he could get his turn

23. WATCH: Rihanna - Same Ol' Mistakes (Audio)