TDZ Footnotes 6.4.18

Kanye West Cover Album Yenerator

1. 2-Sided: Trying To Hear Kanye West's New Album, 'ye,' Through All The Noise

2. Kanye's New Album Is Out. So, How About That Performance Art Theory?

3. Gay Americans Have Little to Fear From the Supreme Court’s Compromise in Masterpiece Cakeshop

4. North Korea’s Kim Is About to Score Big Against Trump

5. Trump’s Lawyers Say He Is the Law

6. WATCH: Judge Dredd - I AM THE LAW

7. No, Trump can’t pardon himself. The Constitution tells us so.

8. Possibility of Trump pardoning himself sparks GOP pushback

9. Trump Tweet

10. No, Bono did not disguise himself as a Hasidic Jew

11. NBC News’ ‘Today’ Show Grills Bill Clinton About Monica Lewinsky Affair

12. WATCH: Bill Clinton: ‘I Did The Right Thing’ During Monica Lewinsky Scandal | TODAY

13. Bill Clinton and James Patterson Team Up to Imagine a True Fantasy: Sane Politics

14. Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s ‘The President Is Missing’ is an awkward duet

15. 'The President Is Missing'! Can superhero prez save the day in Clinton/Patterson thriller?

16. FBI agent dancing in nightclub drops gun doing backflip, then accidentally shoots someone going to pick it up

17. WATCH: HOMESHAKE - "Give It To Me" (Official Video)