TDZ Footnotes 7.10.18

Freedom! Twitter / @chris_suspect

1. Thai town rallies behind Ake, coach who took boys into cave

2. How language can affect the way we think

3. Trump pardon for Oregon ranchers who inspired refuge standoff

4. Potential nominee profile: Brett Kavanaugh

5. Why Brett Kavanaugh's Impeachment Arguments On Bill Clinton Probably Aren't A Big Deal For Trump

6. A dig through Kavanaugh’s record on education finds plenty of material

7. Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court nominee straight out of central casting

8. Kavanaugh’s Long Paper Trail Could Give Dems Opportunity To Slow Confirmation

9. Supreme Court nominee tied to SeaWorld legal fight

10. Brett Kavanaugh, a Conservative Stalwart in Political Fights and on the Bench

11. Kavanaugh paper chase threatens to draw out confirmation battle

12. Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey expresses disapproval of Supreme Court nominee before final decision

13. Casey: Trump Supreme Court Pick Represents a Corrupt Bargain and I Will Oppose It

14. Report: Think tanks tied to Kochs

15. Here's the latest on Rep. Jim Jordan's sexual abuse scandal

16. Hailey Baldwin Has Been Tweeting at Justin Bieber for Years — and Was a Big 'Jelena' Supporter

17. Former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb dances to band called Copstabber

18. WATCH: SiR - D'Evils