TDZ Footnotes 7.16.18

He's just not that in to you. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI

1. 'Proud Boys' run out of LA bar by democratic socialists calling them 'fascist'

2. Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk made an unfounded and disparaging claim about an expert caver involved in the Thai cave rescue, after the caver criticized Musk's idea of using a mini-sub for the rescue:

3. Elon Musk queries expertise of Thai cave rescue officials

4. British divers at heart of Thai cave rescue among best in world

5. A British caver who helped in the Thai cave rescue said Elon Musk 'can stick his submarine where it hurts'

6. Elon Musk's family owns an emerald mine in Zambia — here's the fascinating story of how they came to own it

7. 'We had so much money we couldn't even close our safe': Elon Musk's Dad tells BI about the family's insanely casual attitude to wealth


9. Elon Musk revealed as one of the largest donors for a House Republican PAC

10. The big names funding the House GOP

11. Donor Lookup

12. Elon Musk vows to help Flint homes with contaminated water

13. Elon Musk's tweets on socialism

14. Elon Musk donated nearly $40K to Republican PAC, filings show

15. Trump’s extraordinary press conference was not normal

16. WATCH: Cavuto on Trump

17. Michael Jackson was chemically castrated by late father Joe, claims doctor jailed over singer's death

18. Castrato

19. Sarah Palin says she was duped into interview with Sacha Baron Cohen

20. Here’s how Sacha Baron Cohen fools celebrities into embarrassing interviews, starting with ‘Da Ali G Show’

21. Former congressman Joe Walsh explains how Sacha Baron Cohen tricked him into supporting arming toddlers with guns

22. Alabama does not respect cowards': Roy Moore suggests he, too, was duped by Sacha Baron Cohen

23. Image of Sacha Baron Cohen in Who Is America?

24. WATCH: Who Is America? (2018) | First Look | Sacha Baron Cohen SHOWTIME Series

25. WATCH: King Harvest - The Band (720p HD Quality High Def sound)