TDZ Footnotes 7.2.18

Why Drake's hand look so small? Roger Goodgroves / Shutterstock

1. LeBron James agrees to four-year, $153.3 million deal with Lakers

2. WATCH: Laker Fans Celebrate Lebron Signing With Chalk Toss Outside Staples

3. The 5 songs on Drake's new, 25-track album 'Scorpion' that are actually worth listening to

4. "The Daily Show's" Roy Wood Jr. Recalls The Time He Joked With J. Prince's Gangsta

5. EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen says family and country, not President Trump, is his 'first loyalty'

6. WATCH: Trump denies collusion with Bartiromo

7. WATCH: Trump talks tax cuts with Bartiromo

8. WATCH: Trump talks markets with Bartiromo

9. WATCH: Trump talks tariffs with Bartiromo

10. Maria Bartiromo’s embarrassing Trump interview

11. Maxine Waters says she's faced increased threats, cancels attending 2 events

12. Why You Need To Visit Denmark's Hippie Commune Before You Die

13. Soccer team found alive after 9 days trapped in cave

14. South Korea Fan Paraded Around Mexico City by Jubilant Mexico Fans

15. World Cup 2018: Russia left with serious questions to answer as state-sponsored doping scandal widens

16. WATCH: Joey Ramone - Maria Bartiromo