TDZ Footnotes 7.20.18

Oklahoma you've been warned! Ad Council

1. 'I'm so sorry': Health department attorney confessed to faking threats about marijuana rules, OSBI says

2. Guns and religion: How American conservatives grew closer to Putin’s Russia

3. From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered

4. Watch as DNI Dan Coats learns from @mitchellreports that Putin is set to visit DC in the fall

5. White nationalism is on the rise in the military, law enforcement, politics, and schools.

6. One in four troops sees white nationalism in the ranks

7. FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed?

8. White Nationalist Who Marched In Charlottesville Elected To Local GOP Office

9. White Supremacist Propaganda Surges on Campus

10. Why Russia Will Help the Democrats Next

11. Billboards Promoting 4Chan Conspiracy Theory ‘QAnon’ Pop Up Across America

12. QAnon gear is only going to get more popular at Trump rallies, especially now that "Q" is acknowledging the people who wear them.

13. DELIVERING HATE: How Amazon’s Platforms Are Used to Spread White Supremacy, Anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia and How Amazon Can Stop It

14. Like the fringe conspiracy theory Qanon? There's plenty of merch for sale on Amazon

15. QAnon, the Crazy Pro-Trump Conspiracy, Melts Down Over OIG Report

16. How a far-right conspiracy theory went from 4chan to T-shirts

17. Apple, Google cashed in on Pizzagate-offshoot conspiracy app

18. Michael Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy Model

19. WATCH: ESG - My Love for You