TDZ Footnotes 7.3.18

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1. WATCH: The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

2. What Makes the Perfect Stoner Restaurant?

3. Jessica Simpson’s $100k Postmates Bill Exposed: ‘She’s Too Lazy To Go To The Market!’

4. Mike Pompeo to visit North Korea this week for nuclear talks

5. Pompeo returning to North Korea, White House says

6. President Trump’s exaggerated claims about the North Korea deal

7. Are the US and North Korea on the brink of another nuclear showdown?

8. Last weekend’s North Korea news is an unpleasant surprise for Donald Trump

9. U.S. envoy meets N. Korean officials at DMZ; Secretary of State Pompeo to visit Pyongyang

10. No One Knows What Kim Jong Un Promised Trump

11. North Korea is taking advantage of Trump

12. 8 Million People Could Die in a Nuclear War with North Korea

13. Trump plans one-on-one meeting with Putin

14. Pruitt Kept Secret Calendar, Hustled To Get Wife $200k Job

15. STICK WITH US FOR THIS THREAD: We know Scott Pruitt doesn't like to email (avoids creating a "paper trail") Turns out he DOES (or did) snail mail. Guess who he writes to? Oil & gas executives. Come along for the ride as we check out bit of his correspondence. BP America up first

16. Teacher Confronts Pruitt, Urges Him To Resign Before Scandals Force Him Out

17. Northern California Vice Mayor’s call for ‘Straight Pride American Month’ sparks recall efforts

18. Nigeria's John Obi Mikel reveals father kidnapped before World Cup clash vs. Argentina

19. Thailand cave rescue: Search teams unsure how to free trapped boys

20. WATCH: King Garbage – Lost In The Sauce