TDZ Footnotes 7.30.18

The Feds are freaking out! Kaylee Fagan / Business Insider

1. The Feds Need You to Stop Stepping Out of Moving Cars to Dance to Drake's New Song

2. Air marshals have conducted secret in-flight monitoring of U.S. passengers for years

3. Trump Threatens Shutdown Over Immigration as Part of Unhinged Sunday Tweetstorm

4. Trump vs. the Times: Inside an Off-the-Record Meeting

5. Trump lashes out at Mueller for alleged conflicts of interest

6. Trump rails against Mueller in Sunday tweetstorm

7. WOW -- @RudyGiuliani begins @foxandfriends interview by downplaying the significance of collusion.

8. Charles Koch says he'd work with Democrats who share his values

9. MoviePass will begin surge pricing next month

10. Everything MoviePass does just makes things worse

11. MoviePass’ surge pricing starts today

12. New ‘Gotti’ Ad Hits Back At Critics, Calls Them ‘Trolls Behind A Keyboard’

13. Movie Pass statement

14. There are red flags all over MoviePass' financial statements that should scare investors

15. Future of MoviePass Is in Doubt After Service Outage, Experts Say

16. MoviePass CEO's 600-word apology never actually admits to money troubles

17. MoviePass ‘Impossible-Fallout’: Tom Cruise Pic Blocked On Ticket Service App Following Thursday Night Outage

18. Moviepass Blocked Customers From Seeing ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ This Weekend

19. Already at Movie Theaters Near You: Ticket Subscriptions

20. MoviePass started a revolution. But it might not survive to see it through.

21. Buy a Big Mac at McDonald's, get a MacCoin, redeemable for free Big Mac

22. Proposal for New Emoji ZWJ Sequence for RGI

23. Guardians of the Galaxy cast signs open letter in support of James Gunn