TDZ Footnotes 8.2.18

I'm Not The Criminal You're Looking For

1. Facebook actually censored a legit counter protest

2. Trump Administration Says Fuel-Efficient Cars Are Killing Americans by Encouraging More Driving

3. Woman shot, killed estranged husband in driveway, police say

4. Trump's lawyers updated him on the Mueller investigation. Then Trump tweeted.

5. Trump Pushes for Interview With Mueller Against Lawyers’ Advice

6. The Trump administration’s latest proposed tax cut would be a huge windfall for the richest 1 percent

7. New Study Confirms That American Workers Are Getting Ripped Off

8. Curbing Stock Buybacks: A Crucial Step to Raising Worker Pay and Reducing Inequality

9. Only The Papa Can Save Papa John's, Says Papa John

10. Gin drinkers lead the pack in drunk online shopping

11. WATCH: Jean Deaux - Wikipedia (2017)