TDZ Footnotes 8.3.18

You Ruined My Life, Pooh! Laurie Sparham

1. Director of National Intelligence: Russian interference in US political system ongoing

2. In Latest Concession to Conservative Trolls, New York Times Blames Bigotry on Many Sides

3. Trump administration tells ACLU to find deported parents

4. Here's the video. Sarah Sanders is asked multiple times if she believes the media is the enemy of the people. She refuses each time to respond. (via Yahoo)

5. WATCH: CNN 08 02 2018 20 42 00 - QAnon clip

6. WATCH: Farmers speak out against Trump's $12 billion emergency aid package

7. WATCH: Christopher Robin Official Trailer

8. The real Christopher Robin was bullied by schoolmates because of A. A. Milne’s creation, Winnie-the-Pooh, and always tried to distance himself

9. Why the Real Christopher Robin Hated 'Pooh'

10. Pooh has a girl friend as Christopher Robin is axed

11. Film Review: ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’

12. Saving Mr. Banks Left Out an Awful Lot About P.L. Travers

13. Christoper Robin Review

14. National Enquirer Boss David Pecker Tiptoes Away From His Pal Trump as Scandal Swirls and Circulation Drops

15. WATCH: The Roots - The Lesson Pt 1