MAGA Bros Rap Like Your Dad, WTF Is The FBI Doing? 1.30.18

In episode 74, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Daniel Van Kirk to discuss the creator of Dilbert, MAGA raps, Menghazi crims, Andrew McCabe leaving the FBI, top google searches, then the guys take prop bets about the State of the Union, & more.

Topics in this Podcast: daniel van kirk, jack o'brien, miles gray, dilbert, scott adams, maga, black employment, menghazi, andrew mccabe, fbi, gop, democrats, state of the union, hillary clinton, rnc, steve wynn, dnc, devin nunes, james comey, rod rosenstein, scott baio, Nicole Eggert, megyn kelly, google trends, paul ryan, Robert Mueller, paul manafort, daily, zeitgeist