A Very Dark Game, Old Phone What’s Dis? 5.14.19

In episode 391, Jack and Miles are joined by Teen Creeps co-host Kelly Nugent to discuss a video of millennials trying to use a rotary phone, celebrity naval cheese, the escalation of trade wars, how the GoFundMe for the wall was a scam, the end of the Sixers season, Game of Throne baby names, and more!


1. Teenagers trying to make phone call on ancient apparatus

2. British museum displays cheese made from navel bacteria of celebrities

3. Trump warns China it will be 'hurt badly' by trade war as stocks tumble amid escalation

4. Focus group: Trump supporters like liberal proposals but still love Trump

5. Shocker! The GoFundMe Campaign to Build the Wall Is a Bust

6. Today Is the Worst Day to Be a Sixers Fan

7. The Korean call of Kawhi’s game-winner is everything.

8. Name of Thrones: Parents are naming their kids after favorite 'Game of Thrones' characters

9.WATCH: Yves Tumor - Noid (Official Video)

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