At Home Racist, OJ Just OJ'n 6.19.19

In episode 416, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Legally Insane podcast co-host Tony Sam to discuss Menghazi with Max Landis and Cuba Gooding Jr., Trump slowly losing his people, OJ Simpson threatening to cut people on Twitter, Kyle Kashuv's Harvard admission being rescinded, and more!


1. Eight Women Accuse Hollywood Filmmaker Max Landis of Emotional and Sexual Abuse: ‘We’re Not People to Him’

2. Comedian Claudia Oshry Repeats Standup Allegation: Cuba Gooding Jr. Violated Me When I Was 16

3. Report: Blistered By Scrutiny, Mercers Curtail Spending And Bail On Trump

4.If Texas Goes Blue, It Will Change American Politics Permanently

5. O.J. Simpson’s Twitter account threatens man with knife emojis

6. What leads Harvard to rescind admission? Racism, plagiarism — and killing your mom.

7. WATCH: Men I Trust - Say, Can You Hear

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