Bird Scoot Or Die, Amazon: Hello Cruel World 5.7.19

In episode 386, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Yusef Roach to discuss everyone going to the same prison, the House moving to hold William Barr in contempt, where the best jobs are if you do not have a college degree, Amazon marketing to our fear, head injuries from e-scooters increasing, Burger King marketing to our depression, and more!


1. Cohen Reports To Prison On Monday — He’ll Join Some Big Names There

2. House moves to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress

3. Where the Good Jobs Are

4. The Doorbell Company That’s Selling Fear

5. Head injuries, broken bones plague e-scooter users as more data rolls in

6. Electric scooters send more people to the hospital than bicycles and walking, new study finds

7. Burger King takes on McDonald's with a range of 'unhappy' meals

8. Burger King launches ‘Real Meals’ and faces backlash on Twitter

9. Eating junk food raises risk of depression, says multi-country study

10. WATCH: Burger King | #FeelYourWay

11. Burger King is the latest brand to use depression as a marketing tool

12. WATCH: INFLO - No Fear

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