Brett Kavanaugh: Mayor Of Keg City, ‘Apprentice’ Creator Literally Fights Tom Arnold 9.18.18

In episode 234, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Wayne Federman to discuss Tom Arnold's fight with Mark Burnett, Senators on both sides delaying the vote on Kavanaugh because of the recent discovery, Trump's war against women, Roger Stone's associate Randy Credico, a new study that finds four distinct personality 'types,' Mark Wahlberg's morning schedule, and more!


1. Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett in Physical Altercation at Evening Before Emmy Party

2. LAPD on Tom Arnold-Mark Burnett Dispute: ‘No Police Report Filed’

3. 'The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold' takes aim at 'Apprentice' producer Mark Burnett

4. Trump’s Apprentice Producer Once Did Business With Putin

5. 'Bible' Producers Cut Satan Scenes From 'Son of God' Following Obama Controversy (Video)

6. Kavanaugh, accuser say they’re ready to testify, but how?

7. Dianne Feinstein Refers a Kavanaugh Matter to Federal Investigators

8. California professor, writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter, speaks out about her allegation of sexual assault

9. Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Friend Isn’t Helping the Nominee’s Case

10. Kellyanne Conway: Accuser should not be ignored

11. The Ezra Klein Show: Martha C. Nussbaum on how fear deforms our politics

12. Roger Stone associate Randy Credico meets with Mueller grand jury in Russia probe

13. Roger Stone to Associate: “Prepare to Die”

14. Mueller’s Office Will Grill Him About Roger Stone. He Will Respond With Comedy.

15. Study: people tend to cluster into four distinct personality “types”

16. Mark Wahlberg wakes up at 2:30 a.m. to start his day with a workout

17. WATCH: Dirty Art Club - Queen Persephone

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