Chaos Voters, Starbucks Pumps Brakes 9.5.19

In episode 467, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Marcella Arguello to discuss Walmart limiting ammunition sales, how Trump supporters get their support, an update on the protests in Hong Kong and the use of Pepe the frog, new Apple shows, the conversion therapy group leader coming out as gay, Starbucks limiting modification options in their app, and more!


1. Kroger tells shoppers to stop openly carrying guns in its stores, just hours after Walmart makes the same request

2. Walmart to Limit Ammunition Sales and Discourage ‘Open Carry’ of Guns in Stores

3.The Trump Voters Whose ‘Need for Chaos’ Obliterates Everything Else

4. Hong Kong’s leader made a big concession to protesters. Is it “too little, too late”?

5. Hong Kong leader fully withdraws extradition bill, but protesters say it’s not enough

6. Pepe the Frog Means Something Different in Hong Kong—Right?

7. Apple Scraps Richard Gere Drama 'Bastards' (Exclusive)

8. Conversion therapy group founder comes out as gay, apologizes

9. WATCH: Former conversion therapy leader McKrae Game disavows movement he helped fuel

10.Starbucks has finally put a modification limit on its app, cutting back on disgusting drinks that made baristas' jobs harder

11. WATCH: Three Man Weave by Injury Reserve

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