Chem Sex? You're Too Close, Joe 4.3.19

In episode 362, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian, Bechdel Cast co-host, and frequent podcast host Jamie Loftus to discuss a "chemsex" study, more coming out about Joe Biden invading people's personal space, how authoritarians are bad at politics, Trump's approval rating not going up after the Mueller report, counties with more trees being healthier places to live, QAnon getting crazier, a new true crime podcast television show, and more!


1. These Are the Drugs People Like to Mix With Sex, According to a New Study

2. Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart on ‘Close-Talking’ Joe Biden: ‘I’ve Had the Same Interaction’ (Video)

3. In Turkey, Brazil, Hungary, and Slovakia, authoritarian populists are suffering setbacks

4. Trump Got No Bump From Mueller. He Should Worry.

5. Politics Podcast: What Will Biden Do?

6.Counties with more trees and shrubs spend less on Medicare, study finds

7. QAnon supporters flock to Trump’s rally in Michigan

8. QAnoners Say Their QAnon Merch Is Being Banned By Secret Service at Trump Rallies

9. Why Won’t the Media Ask Trump About QAnon?

10.'QAnon' conspiracy theory makes appearance at pro-Brexit rally

11. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Pastry Chef Is a QAnon Believer

12.The murder of an alleged gangster on Staten Island loops in an unexpected figure: QAnon

13. Awkwafina & Ike Barinholtz To Produce & Star In ‘Crime After Crime’ Comedy At STX

14. WATCH: Avalon - Deadbeat Boy

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