Debate Winners And Bidens, Finally A Day For Straight Men 7.1.19

In episode 424, Jack and special guest host Caitlin Durante are joined by Sleepwalkers podcast co-host Karah Preiss to discuss Twitter playing right into Trump's hands, Democratic polls after the debates, Boston approving a straight white parade, New York declaring a climate emergency, and more!


1. Twitter will now hide — but not remove — harmful tweets from public figures

2. Trump Tweets That Violate Twitter’s Rules Will Now Get A Warning Label

3. Trump says Google, Facebook should be sued over bias allegations

4. Who Won The First Democratic Debate?

5. Boston Approves Application For ‘Straight Pride Parade’

6. New York City declares a climate emergency, the first US city with more than a million residents to do so

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8. WATCH: Megapuss - Duck People Duck Man

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