Drunken Confidence, FOH Weight Watchers 8.20.19

In episode 457, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Alchemy This! improvisor Craig Cackowski to discuss molecular coffee, the right not believing that a recession is possible, Obama and Biden's relationship, the weight watchers app for children, Amazon's Maisel Day, issues with books from Amazon's Bookstore, and more!


1. Will Bean-Free Coffee Be the New Meat-Free Burger?

2. Trump’s scam is failing him, and he’s in a panic over it

3. In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy

4. Fox & Friends calls recession indicators a media conspiracy to stop Trump's re-election: "It's so obvious what they're doing! They do not want him to win again and they don't like that the economy is doing well, apparently."

5. WATCH: Full Kudlow: ‘I Sure Don’t See A Recession' | Meet The Press | NBC News

6. Obama and Biden’s Relationship Looks Rosy. It Wasn’t Always That Simple.

7. Weight Watchers under fire for selling diets to children as young as age eight

8.WW launches Kurbo, a hotly debated ‘healthy eating’ app aimed at kids

9. Kurbo updates

10. Weight Watchers Debuts an App That Could Screw Up Your Kid’s Relationship With Food for Life

11. Maisel Day

12. Cheap Mrs. Maisel Gas Made Los Angeles Traffic Even Worse

13. Paging Big Brother: In Amazon’s Bookstore, Orwell Gets a Rewrite

14. WATCH: Nick Hakim - Vincent Tyler (Official Audio)

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