Fyre Festival Sociopaths, Trump’s Photoshopping Himself 1.23.19

In episode 314, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Pat Sirois to discuss the Super Bowl, the Fyre Festival documentaries, Trump releasing photoshopped photos of himself, Supreme Court upholding Trump's military trans ban, the Fox News graphic declaring the incorrect death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump's continued pettiness, Oscar nominations and snubs, and more!


1. Patriots and Tom Brady favored over Rams in Super Bowl rematch

2. Your guide to Hulu and Netflix’s dueling Fyre Festival documentaries

3. President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

4. Supreme Court Accepts Trump’s Word That Trans Troops Are Threat to National Security

5.Fox News Begins Its Day by Declaring Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead

6. Pelosi Cancels Afghanistan Trip, Claiming Trump Administration Leaked Commercial Travel Plans

7. White House asks to do walk-through for State of the Union

8. Oscars: 'Roma,' 'Favourite' Top Nominations With 10 Apiece

9. Female Directors Shut Out of Oscar Nominations

10. Oscars 2019: Bradley Cooper and Spike Lee among shocking nominations snubs and surprises

11. Oscars 2019: 16 Major Nomination Snubs and Surprises

12. WATCH: El Michels Affair - Zaharila

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