Gen Z > Millennials At Voting, Arnold > Kendrick? 5.31.19

In episode 403, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Maggie Maye to discuss Moby canceling his book tour, younger generations outvoting older generations, freedom gas, Trump claiming Russia did not help get elected, the Democrats needing to impeach Trump, La Croix fading away, Arnold Schwarzenegger's new rap career, the new Rambo movie, and more!


1. Moby Reads the Room and Cancels His Book Tour

2. Younger Generations Outvoted Older Generations in the 2018 Midterm Elections

3. Department of Energy Authorizes Additional LNG Exports from Freeport LNG

4. Trump Admits Russia Helped Elect Him—Then Does a U-Turn

5. WATCH: After tweeting this morning that "I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected," President Trump tells reporters that “No, Russia did not help me get elected. You know who got me elected? I got me elected. Russia didn’t help me at all.”

6. Professor who has correctly predicted 9 presidential elections says Trump will win in 2020 unless Democrats impeach

7. Would Democrats Really Face A Backlash If They Impeached Trump?

8. La Croix sales plummet as it becomes another failed experiment in hipster design

9. Today, friends, is the day you get to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger rap

10. WATCH: Andreas Gabalier feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Pump it Up - The Motivation Song

11. John Rambo Faces His Past in First Trailer For 'Last Blood'

12.WATCH: Horsey - Bread & Butter

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