Hurricane > Nukes, Popeye’s Saved $23 Million 8.27.19

In episode 461, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Kimia Behpoornia to discuss nuking hurricanes, Popeye's Chicken's free advertisement from black twitter, Trump ignoring climate change, Amazon lacking some serious quality control on their site, Hasbro buying Death Row Records, NFL playing Andrew Luck retiring, and more!


1. Scoop: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S.

2. Nuking Hurricanes: The Surprising History of a Really Bad Idea

3. Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches Get $23 Million Free Advertising From Black Twitter

4. Trump’s wall is child’s play compared to Bernie Sanders’s climate plan

5. Bernie Sanders’s climate plan will take us nowhere

6. Amazon Has Ceded Control of Its Site. The Result: Thousands of Banned, Unsafe or Mislabeled Products

7. Why Hasbro's $4 Billion Studio Buy May Trigger More Media Mergers

8. WATCH: PJ Masks Gekko Saves Christmas | Christmas Books for Kids | Christmas Book for Preschool

9. Retired NFL Fullback Le’Ron McClain Pleads For Help On Twitter, Says He Needs To Get His Head Checked

10. Andrew Luck of the Colts Retires From the N.F.L. After Spate of Injuries

11. WATCH: Patrick Watson - Fireweed (Official Video)

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