I Heart Dad Bod, Can’t I Do Home Jail? 7.12.19

In episode 431, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian Blake Wexler to discuss Big Plastic coming for metal straws, Louisiana flooding three ways, Trump attempting to rig the census, Jeffrey Epstein trying to get out of jail, Boeing being aware of the problems with 737 Max a year before the Lion Air crash, Jason Momoa being body-shamed, Bagel Boss's Youtube page, the new 'just the crust' pizza option, and more!


1. Fatal Accident With Metal Straw Highlights a Risk

2. Water on water on water: Why Tropical Storm Barry is already devastating Louisiana

3. Why Trump’s new attempt to rig the census must fail, in just two words

4. Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyers Say He Didn't Do the Really Bad Kind of Sex Trafficking

5. Epstein Offers to Put Up Mansion, Jet to Get Out of Jail

6.Boeing knew about problems with the 737 Max the year before Lion Air crash and did nothing about them

7. Jason Momoa Just Got Body-Shamed For Not Looking Like Aquaman While on Vacation

8. People Have Discovered Short Angry Bagel Guy's YouTube, and It's Pretty Much What You'd Expect

9. Pizza chain to start selling “Just The Crusts” box

10. Last Call: Why is gender reveal lasagna a thing?

11. WATCH: mavi - ONE FOOT

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