Is Trump Bruce Wayne? Mero vs Tucker Carlson 4.4.19

In episode 363, Jack and Miles are joined by activist, poet, artist, and #GoodMuslimBadMuslim co-host Taz Ahmed to discuss Game of Throne Oreos, the White House not wanting the Mueller Report released to the public, Nipsey Hussle's murderer being caught, DHS disbanding the Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit, Trump overturning denied security clearances, Kid Mero versus Tucker Carlson, the new Joker movie, Biden releasing a video about his current situation, and more!


1. Last Call: Game Of Thrones Oreos have arrived

2. White House No Longer Enthusiastic About Releasing Mueller Report

3. Nipsey Hussle murder suspect arrested; Lauren London breaks silence

4. Russell Westbrook’s Historic Tribute to Nipsey Hussle

5. Homeland Security Disbands Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit

6. White House whistleblower says 25 security clearance denials were reversed during Trump administration

7. The Kid Mero, speaking for us all, calls Tucker Carlson a "worm in a bowtie and a 3rd grade haircut"

8. Watch the first trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie

9. Alec Baldwin's near miss as Batman's Trump-like dad is stranger than fiction

10. Donald Trump thought Christian Bale was Bruce Wayne when they met

11. 'I am Batman,' Trump tells boy on helicopter ride

12. Biden, in Video, Says He Will Be ‘More Mindful’ of Personal Space

13. WATCH: Sampa The Great - Flowers (feat. REMI)

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