John McCain’s Posthumous Trolling, GOP Spreadsheet Of Fear 8.28.18

In episode 221 Jack and Miles are joined by actor Behzad Dabu to discuss John McCain's passing, changing the name of the Richard Russell senate building, GOP's fear of the blue wave, Roger Stone possibly being indicted, the Jacksonville, Florida video game tournament shooting, fantasy football season, True Detective season three, and more!


1. John McCain: Trump not attending late senator's funeral

2. John McCain's final message for the President

3. Ward Saturday On McCain Ending Treatment: ‘They Wanted To Have A Particular Narrative’

4. Senate office is named after a virulent racist. Schumer wants to change it in honor of McCain.

5. 1 big thing ... Scoop: Republicans secretly study their coming hell

6. Stone Defense Fund

7. Lethality of Suicide Methods

8. Jacksonville shooting suspect underwent psychiatric treatment, purchased guns legally in Baltimore area

9. Your first look at the long-awaited new season of 'True Detective'

10. WATCH: Stimulator Jones - Soon Never Comes (Official Video)

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