Kanye’s Lost (In Thought), Petty Arabia 8.10.18

In episode 209, Jack and Miles are joined by Ethnically Ambiguous podcast host Shereen Younes to discuss Idris Elba possibly being the next James Bond, Kanye's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, the dispute between Saudi Arabia and Canada, who Trump's coalition really is, Laura Ingraham's reckless comments on America, Kylie Jenner's birthday party, Macauley Culkin's weird comments about his girlfriend, bloidwatch, and more!


1. Idris Elba the next 007? Movie boss says ‘door open for first black James Bond’

2. K. Michelle Reminisces on Best Parts of Dating Idris Elba: 'Amazing Head'

3. WATCH: Kanye West on Donald Trump

4. The Administration’s Infuriating Both Sides–ing of the Canada–Saudi Arabia Dispute

5. Iran and Saudi Arabia: Friends and foes in the region

6. How Broad, and How Happy, Is the Trump Coalition?

7. Laura Ingraham: "The America we know and love doesn't exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don't like ... this is related to both illegal and legal immigration"

8. Inside Kylie Jenner’s Star-Studded 21st Birthday Bash With Kris and Caitlyn Jenner


10. WATCH: KAMAU - Hey Ya Cover / Interpretation - Live

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