Keanu’s Reevesurgence: We’re All Witnesses, Bye Sarah 6.14.19

In episode 413, Jack and Miles are joined by writer and performer Rachel Wenitsky to discuss the Keanu Reevesurgence, the 'Tiger Mom' who supported Brett Kavanaugh, Michael Flynn angling for a pardon, Sarah Huckabee Sanders leaving the White House, the office of the special council recommending Kellyanne Conway be removed from office, author Nicholas Sparks being a terrible person, Jessica Biel supporting an anti-vaxxer bill, the Bieber and Cruise update, and more!


1. 5 Heartwarming Stories to Restore Your Faith in Celebrities

2. So Much for Worshipping Meritocracy

3. It Worked!!!

4. Flynn Hires A Mueller-Bashing Fox News Personality As His New Lawyer

5. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of the month, Trump says

6. Federal office says Kellyanne Conway should be removed from government

7. Author Nicholas Sparks Tried to Ban LGBT Club and Student Protests at His Christian School, Emails Reveal

8. Well, Here's Jessica Biel Apparently Lobbying California Lawmakers Alongside Anti-Vaccine Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

9. Jessica Biel Insists She's "Not Against Vaccinations"

10. California State Senate Passes SB 276 to Prevent Fake Medical Exemptions that are Contributing to Measles Outbreaks

11. Justin Bieber is not looking to throw punches with Tom Cruise

12. WATCH: Kashmere Stage Band - All Praises

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